The Impossible Quiz Answers -

The Impossible Quiz Answers

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The impossible quiz answers.
Filmed using hypercam 2


  1. This is way too fast. Can you make it slower I only saw 2 questions properly?

  2. Lel I rememorized it and I tricked my brother that i could answer a question in
    less than 5 seconds

  3. Bravo! I do not know if you're smart but definitely you are patient and persevering. Congratulations!

  4. Why can't the people in the comment section just lower the speed? There's a settings button right there…

  5. Uses a skip
    Gets to last question
    Uses all skips
    Flips table because I used a skip

  6. if it's too fast guys change the speed to .5 or .25

  7. why sonic the hedgehog why :-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(


  9. We love you Andrew wherever you are, thank you…

  10. 6:48 That's exactly what I did for question 5, just hold down the mouse

  11. lies i tried one of yours it did not work

  12. hey can you please tell me how to beat level 59 on android lm a gamer add comment on android master hero channel

  13. i thought i could beat the game without getting all the skips but no

  14. they are doing it so fast you cant even see it

  15. The one where Doctor Eggman breaks (I think) Sonic's leg is kind of upsetting, lol. 4:04

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