The Impossible Quiz (All Answers and Completed) -

The Impossible Quiz (All Answers and Completed)

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I do not own ANY of the music. The Impossible Quiz is also a game made by Splapp-Me-Do that was playable and on And this one is for you, No-Yo.


  1. mess up on question five and somehow nothing happened

  2. for the blue red blue yellow there was a skip button by the u cant skip button lol

  3. That's awesome! How many times did u have to play before u could get through the whole thing?

  4. Who else is in quarantine and has nothing else to do LOL

  5. i died at 88 vnkeabgi3ugberiuobgfoierlbgvi4fcninerfrnjrnnr

  6. i’ve memorized almost all of these during quarantine, i am very bored.

  7. He is so good (shh) [it's a secret] I watched it at 2:10

  8. I just found a glitch that you don’t need a bridge for question 40
    You can touch the pink and you won’t lose a life

  9. Imagine someone's face when they reach the last question and realize they don't have any skips left

  10. Cmon Help This Guy Reach 10k Subs!

  11. Fany Juliette Cardeñas Sulú 6APAYBV says:


  12. The Order of The Galactic Hospitallers says:

    This is almost exactly what taking the LSAT is like

  13. Jesus Christ i havent been on thos account in a while. Why tf this got so many views I made this shit when I was 13😂

  14. u are kidding me you have to click on the U One?!?

  15. It doesn't work it's dumb is stupid is soooooo underrated so bad boooo

  16. Im stuck on the level that says your my honey girl

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