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The Impossible Quiz

Game Time
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In this Game Time episode we played




  1. 1:16 all the others were chocolates. 🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂😂

  2. The earth question was earth because galaxy,mars,and milky way are all candy bars

  3. I thought you said hi it's hentai here

  4. The last one is 2 because yolo has two o in it that look like holes

  5. The Milky Way and A Galaxy are the same thing…

  6. They are literally both wearing Tal’s shirts 😝😂

  7. The 3th chests jn the earth is not a candy but the chests jn is a candy thing about it okay and you suak

  8. Bro it was earth cuz mars milkyway and galaxy are chocolates

  9. Galaxy = chocolate milky way = chocolate mars=chocolate earth=has no chocolate

  10. The biggest planet is earth, cause Milky Way is a chocolate,mars is a chocolate,and galaxy is a chocolate, so earth is not, so is earth!

  11. Wait it’s mike and Anthony not game time

  12. 8:53 when you have a headache but you've looked up too much memes

  13. So ladenhosen is apparently the traditional clothes that boys wear. But the downside is that there really expensive because they're made of leather

  14. I passed the quiz at school, scrubs


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