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Alpharad Plus JoSniffy discovered a brand new game.
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  1. This is drunk gaming if I've ever seen it

  2. I know this video is old but I thought Jo was an English major or something, man doesnt even know the different variations of colour.

  3. We cheese it (totallynot the intended method

  4. They are spelling things wrong since they are from the uk

  5. I love what this game does to you. You play it and call it stupid, but when you eventually come back to it years later, all the puns start to make sense. Thank you for letting me relive this. But, I'm beginning to think you guys have played this before…

  6. It's sad watching this I speedran this game

  7. The "matchbox" joke was a pun. But, of course, for those unaccustomed to swallowing, it can be quite hard to digest.

  8. My favorite part was the part where you saved the image

  9. I already know there are a million comments on this but colour is how you spell it in Canada and probably other places

  10. Part of me thought you had done this before, and it was confirmed on the blue screen

  11. I clicked the video, but I don't want to look at the horrors of cringe

  12. This dosent have enough irony, sorry

  13. Is this music geometry dash? Because I just got a huge rush of nostalgia

  14. Was it a bit when they kept saying they were spelling words wrong?

  15. my new favourite hobby is sorting these comments by new and laughing at the people who think that it's serious

  16. Out of all the layers of irony, I cannot deal with their complete disregard of the british

  17. 6:58 they not miss spell they just in diffrent country with english i forgot whatvis the country but i think its uk and where are you from north america? If you are in north america then its uk but you are in uk that means its on north america when spell color or colour its same as color but they spell different in uk and north america all developer makes game like impossible quiz not all in same country they are diffrent

  18. There is no god there’s only another layer to the bit

  19. This is by far the worst content yet.

    Love it

  20. i always find myself coming back to this video and i don’t know whether i should be concerned or not

  21. This was dumb this is a new low… but I'm here for it

  22. They did not spell colour, cardboard and flavour wrong, it is just spelt differently in other places, like Australia.

  23. this video is badass!!!! had 2 wait to get home or my teacher would see me writin that

  24. They didn’t spell colour wrong that is the English version yours in color

  25. its been a few years and this video is still hilarious

  26. Felix Stone would like 3.14 slices of pi says:

    Lego; releee the unmvervive uut

  27. Then thinking colour is spelt incorrectly just because it isn’t the American spelling killer me

  28. They did not spell color wrong that's just the Canadian way of saying it lol

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