The Impossible Quiz! -

The Impossible Quiz!

Reaction Time
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In this Reaction Time Episode I took an extremely tricky and difficult test meant to trick with your mind. Can you pass the impossible quiz?

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  1. I just watched a grown man close is guess and close hi eyes! COOL!

  2. Well now I know I have Apiphobia because I’m DEADLY AFRAID ON BEES OR ANY BUG OR or spiders which is a bug 😂

  3. Those are the orders of letters on a keyboard!!!

  4. I got the pi question right and I'm 11

  5. Your do cheating when you doing eni menu Mina moe u look at your other computer and click the answer

  6. I think I just got an ad with Tal in it. I think I’m going crazy.

  7. I went and did this quiz i got them all right and i did this quiz yesterday before seeing this soo…yeah

  8. Funny thing is I think it's rigged. Because it says the right answer for the pawn and pi one is 25.136 but in the pic it says 25.128 is correct. 25.128 is the correct answer but it shows two answers as the correct answer. It's rigged!

  9. At first i thought he was singing Justin Biebers eenie meenie miney mo bla bla bla

  10. How is that possible he did ini mini mani mo and got them right that never happens to me. Tal is so clever!!😍😍

  11. Follow the directions on option A

    A: Chose B

    B: Chose C

    C: Chose me

  12. Which one
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  13. CARP I do this in my exams 😂😂😂😂😂

  14. I know what Arachnephobia means because my sister has it and it means that your afraid of spiders

  15. What I if told you…

    You read that wrong
    Plz like if your mind was blown

  16. Im kalaya like my comment if you think tal is a wonderfull awsome youtuber

  17. Im kalya tal fishman you did really good i didint even get them right but you tried you did amazing your amazing even though you didint take the test your amazing

  18. Im kalya i got all of them rong im so stupid but i did try

  19. If yuor raednig tihs you hvae a sramt biran beucase if you dnot mvoe the lsat and frist lteter of a wrod, yuor brian wlil sitll raed the wrod

    Hvae a ncie day!

  20. 2:34 I thought it meant how many pawns for each player, either the question is worded bad or I’m just stupid XD

  21. Yeah that’s what I was thinking apiphobia but it was a guess

  22. I was thinking cross word puzzles but your doing good

  23. Does anyone know what the video is called when he takes a quiz and flips out because he thinks there are cameras in his house and people are watching him????

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