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Impossible Quiz questions round 4! TobyGames continues his quest to defeat the Impossible Quiz and although he doesn’t get very far he is still proud of the progress made. Seriously though, whats up with that duck one? Unlock the vault of gaming treasures: Explore and play x men apocalypse online SNES classic.

If you can tell Toby how to beat the Impossible Quiz, that’d be awesome. Or even just how to play this Impossible test/quiz. That’d be awesome. Cheats in the comments!

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Toby sucks at Gaming

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In this Impossible Quiz gameplay and highlights commentary series, Toby Turner SLOWLY racks the inner sanctum of his mind’s eye to reach the answers in this terribly hard quiz game. This game leads bad gamer Tobuscus to earn his series title ‘Toby Sucks at Gaming’ as his brain slowly deflates under the intense pressure that is a simple Quiz. There are several funny moments in this playthrough, none of which display any level of video game talent on TobyGames’ part, so if you like laughing AT people, this may be the playthrough for you. Also check out other playthroughs on Toby Games including other Grand Theft Auto games, Alien Isolation, Amnesia, Minecraft, Happy Wheels and more!


  1. Toby can you please continue with the impossible quiz i would like to see how it ends.

  2. I'm The Creator Of The Impossible Quiz

  3. Shoe polish actually contains small metal components in its creation. One of them is silver, and werewolves are weakened by that. The impossible quiz does have some logic along with double meaning awareness, motor skills and of course the stupid nonsense we all know and love!   

  4. the one you are stuck on, the answer is afro. 

  5. Sad the link didn't work… He wudv'e gotten the ans XD

  6. When I'd he making the next one this was the beginning of last year

  7. Answer to the duck thing is Afro and the answer to 42 is you count until you reach 42, use your mouse too

  8. lol the 42 one was up in the top right corner 😀 XD

  9. I did the right click thing on the first one where you cant touch blue before he did it on the pink one

  10. Toby I know that glitch you do to make the bridge

  11. When you act British you sound like Thatcher Joe

  12. the answer to the duck was in the site link, just read it backwards

  13. You know you lost when you used the skip?

  14. Never use skips u need them for the end because the last question is this will be easy for you depending on hot you've played the game use all of your skips and its timed so if u lose u start all over

    Ur welcome. Toby

  15. Pewdiepies 10× better at this and Toby is sooooooo slow

  16. dude finish this thing!!! I HAVE HOPE IN YOU!

  17. home many letters in his hand like m so 7 his has 3, 3 plus 4 is 7

  18. the answer for question 42 is the 42nd 42

  19. On The Question How Many Letters Are In His Hand???? You Count The Letters In The Word "His Hand"

  20. On The Question How Many Letters Are In His Hand???? You Count The Letters In The Word "His Hand"

  21. Dont use your skips because at the last one it requires all you're skips to pass

  22. you can click it before it says woof

  23. what is the answer to the duck one?

  24. Toby for the question that your stuck on it's the Afro

  25. for #41 it was the afro and tail, and #42 its the 42nd 42

  26. to all of the comments below; this was made 2 yrs ago

  27. it's the afro, cuz the eye is looking up, and it's the 42nd 42.

  28. Toby you have to finish the impossible quiz the only other famous YouTuber that beat it is Felix (pewdiepie)

  29. Please continue doing the impossible quiz!

  30. I argue it actually makes it funnier that he doesn't cut the parts already answered. He takes us through the frustration of it all. It actually feels good when he gets it right and feels even better when he gets it wrong

  31. Remember when Toby finished this game? Oh wait…

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