The Impossible Quiz -

The Impossible Quiz

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  1. I'm so happy you're back. I've gotten tired watching the old gaming videos.

  2. I was almost yelling Right Click!!! at the end lol You have a much higher tolerance for this than I do 🙂 Nice to have you back here sir and looking forward to more videos! 😀 

  3. I'm glad to see another gaming video! I really enjoyed it 😀

  4. haha poor tj i can see the frustration rising for you <3
    RIP bug

  5. Aww we can see the frustration on your face while playing the game! Your perseverance is admirable! <3 Lots of love from Italy!

  6. Tj, Mary Rose sat on a pin, and then Mary rose. Got it? xD

    This was kind of fun. I challenge to reach the end!

  7. Tj's back back back, back again gain gain, yeah hes back back… you get it.

  8. Is it bad I was shouting the answers at the screen lol.

  9. I love this game! I've actually gotten to 50 or 60 something I think. You should play more. It's fun to watch you struggle. Love you!

  10. Welcome back TJ!! Glad to watch your vids again!

  11. This was a great video of something I remember putting a lot of time into. The hardest part to me was the "Imma firing Mah Lazer" part. Nice to see you not giving up like I have seen others do.

  12. TJ can I have your 3ds Friend Code??….Mine is 2079-9204-0658

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