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The Impossible Quiz

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The Impossible Quiz is a flash “game” on Newgrounds made by Splapp-me-do. I use the term “game” loosely because games are supposed to be fun, and this thing is just annoying. There’s 110 questions, and you have to blindly guess on most of them. If you get three wrong, you lose and have to start over all the way from the beginning.

However, I wanted to prove that I could do it. I ended up stealing the answers from someone else, but even that wasn’t enough to make it through, since there are several minigames that are very difficult to get through, most notably level 106.

Not sure why I’m uploading this. I just wanted to show people how difficult the game is, and prove that it is possible to beat.

Here’s the link:


  1. @PaNtSiNfLaMeS no you just need to find the comment, the time you made that comment you could have used ctrl+f and found a solution

  2. 68 people failed this quiz on the 1st question.

  3. @90youngb
    56 makes more sense than most of the questions in this game.

  4. did they delete this off of y8 and y3 i cant find it anymore

  5. @alliecat149
    FYI, I made this in early 2007, and I didn't even know how to use editing software then. And the point of the video wasn't to show all the answers anyway, it was just to show that I could beat it, and that I had to go through it so many times that I basically memorized where the answers would pop up.

  6. Q 42. is a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference! 😀

  7. sugar honey honey you are my candy girllllllllllllll

  8. For question 40, whenever i right click it instantly takes away a life and i'm not touching the pink, what gives?

  9. @raydencoolman ikr! i cant beat it and its pissing me off cuz i have a short temper and its not helping

  10. @MrKillamanjarow just answer the question truthfully……….if u died once on that question after loading the flash then click no………if u didnt click yes

  11. I can tell from your replies to other people's comments, that you're indeed a douche bag.

  12. @90youngb earlier in the game it says what order to click the colors in

  13. @BikdipOnABus It actually doesn't make sence….

  14. @Minecraftawesomenes1
    In what way does it not? A previous question tells you the order to click the colors. Then you click the colors in that order. OMG so confusing


  16. @raydencoolman
    The song… OH sugar, buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh, oh honey honey, You are my candy girl and you got me wanting you


  18. @MrJAOV46
    The all caps was unnecessary.

    anyway, the 7th letter of "the alphabet" is H. The first three letters are T, H, and E.

  19. Q16 doesn't make sense. Strictly speaking, it should be 7th letter IN the alphabet.

    Then again, most of them don't make any fucking sense, so who am I to argue?

  20. @MisterMxyzptlk0824 True, but there were no quotation marks 😉

  21. @fastchapter omg yeah! ur totally right! i feel like an idoit now oh well rofl XD thanks!

  22. what's that song at the badly drawn dog question? (of the game, not the vid)

  23. I think "you are my candy girl" and "sugar honey honey" are lyrics from the same song

  24. What does D.N.A stand for "National Dyslexic association?" .. i though it was deoxy ribonuclaic acid

  25. you are my
    sugar honey honey
    80s refernce look it up lazy ass

  26. so, you just pissed me off just for fun??
    what a noob

  27. i like the song whats it called
    what is the song

  28. it's from the movie Rocky Balboa and it's called "Rocky Balboa Theme Song Movie"

  29. no i mean the video song and p.s. the rocky song is called "trying hard now"

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