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The Impossible Quiz

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The Impossible Quiz is a flash “game” on Newgrounds made by Splapp-me-do. I use the term “game” loosely because games are supposed to be fun, and this thing is just annoying. There’s 110 questions, and you have to blindly guess on most of them. If you get three wrong, you lose and have to start over all the way from the beginning.

However, I wanted to prove that I could do it. I ended up stealing the answers from someone else, but even that wasn’t enough to make it through, since there are several minigames that are very difficult to get through, most notably level 106.

Not sure why I’m uploading this. I just wanted to show people how difficult the game is, and prove that it is possible to beat.

Here’s the link:


  1. I don't understand the 56, can someone help me?

  2. if you have played this you would understand why he clicks fast btw Q108 is epic lol

  3. D:< i can't click fast enough for the shoop da whoop part!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 37) A "no" works aswell =)

    I was stuck at the asteroids for the longest time.

  5. woah, wtf is your problem. I was under the impression you had to dodge the asteroids.

  6. lol yea how the hell are you supposed to remember those numbers after 58 questions passed?

  7. It is a reference to Lost that's why i think it's epic ^^

  8. Ok, question 67 I got it. A booty sitting down in a chair screwing really hard!

  9. 63 is wrong. If I eat fish, I die. I haven't died from eating chicken nuggets.

  10. XD We played this on occasion in Environmental Science ^^ It was a lot of fun ^^

  11. Luis, if you say this is retarded then post a video of you beating it to show how hard it actually is

  12. next time u do the  Impossible Quiz do it slower

  13. lolscrewthat.nope.jpg

    Even (now) knowing how to beat it, there's no way I could

  14. Dddddddaaaaaaaaaammmmmm what the fuck was that?

  15. I've actually learned recently that you can just hold your left-click button while 106 happens and you can beat it no problem.

  16. 10 freaking years ago this video was made.Now,this is some nostalgia right here.

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