The Impossible Quiz 2: The RAGE Ends! (Part 3) -

The Impossible Quiz 2: The RAGE Ends! (Part 3)

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It’s time to end the madness! Come Hell or High Water, I’m going to complete The Impossible Quiz 2. Will we conquer the ultimate RAGE QUIZ? Or will the Impossible prove too impossible for us… LET’S FIND OUT.

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  1. Instead of pancake supper we had fish frys at a local church also from the south

  2. Can you graduate with a D? No but the Ho Ho's can.

  3. i can’t believe i’m watching this 3 years later & still HIGHLY entertained. nice job matt pat 😊

  4. I love how old Matthew is the only YouTuber I've ever seen that has been legitimately confused on question 110 and thought there was some trick to it

  5. Crunchy plain waffles are the best but you can't do crunchy pancakes

  6. "By then the world would've just gone to heck" you were right matpat

  7. I was a BAD student and mostly d’s thru high school and I graduated!! Sooo guess it depends on the school….

  8. am i the only one that thinks the word snuggy when they say it is so cute 🥺

  9. me: hasn’t watched vid yet
    also me: why did it take them AN HOUR THIRTY TO COMPLETE 20 QUESTIONS LMAO

  10. mat pat said that by 2024 the world will have gone to heck. He was four years late
    Thanks, covid-19 🙁

  11. coming from may 2020 40:30 is honestly so accurate to the world…

  12. mar pat president in 2020 me quarentined

  13. You predicted the word would have gone to heck by 2024 … Well well well …

  14. "Matpat for 2024; by then the world will have gone to heck." Um, that aged well.

  15. Matpat cursed us by saying the world would be in heck by 2024

  16. Rewatching this in 2020 and yeah the world has gone to heck

  17. Chris incredible 20 :101,abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 102,drag them out and click chris 103,red 104,swipe them layer by layer 105,under 105 106, switch their eyes 107,3rd 108,up left up right down left down 109,graphite 110,? 111, tebahpla eht 112, (hard) put the can scroll the circle put it and chris's bowl 113,same as Chris 114,left arrow key 115,caterday 116,? 117, impossible quiz demo 118,no need to worry 119,horse peanut chihuahua 120,?

  18. If you look at the top left corner in any roses part you will see a picture of big the cat

  19. One time I had banana maple syrup and it literally just tasted like thicc banana extract! Groooossss

  20. I like waffles because they are more crunchy and they have little areas that hold more syrup and I want to be able to fit as much syrup on my waffles that I can get, plus Eggo waffles are just easy to make XD

  21. 40:33 “by then the world would have gone to heck” I mean way things are looking now we’re on track for that

  22. 2024 by then the world would have gone to heck

  23. Mat, stop talking about a Suzie cue. No one cares . Play the game

  24. "The world will go to heck in 2020" -Matpat

  25. The impossible quiz demo was released before the impossible quiz

  26. 75 degrees and he thinks it's cold, that's cute.

  27. I love the whole GTLive crew, but disrespecting 99 luft balloons hurt my soul. Such a great song in both German and English

  28. I found it funny seeing them trying to figure out the answer to "Can I introduce you please, to a lump of cheddar cheese?". This quiz was clearly made by a Brit.

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