The Impossible Quiz 2 - Question 90 Game Over -

The Impossible Quiz 2 – Question 90 Game Over

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I wonder what it is for the iOS version…



  2. It's the similiar to the question 89th on iPhone, but the bomb is appearing in the different spot instead of middle on iOS Version.

  3. wait … pause around 0:27 or 0:28 and use the comma/period keys. what how did your 5 lives turn into 1 life in one frame? shouldn't it just … disappear? or shouldn't it go through 4-3-2 as well?

  4. It's a legit bomb,but the fusestoppers aren't awake….

  5. Answer is "tl;dr" because it means "too long; didn't read"

  6. It is tl;dr because this thing is too long to read and if you try to read the whole thing that giant bomb will appear and give you a game over.

  7. After 29 Seconds, THE BOMB APPEARS D8

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