The Impossible Quiz 2 OST - Question 120 Music -

The Impossible Quiz 2 OST – Question 120 Music

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  1. Which question number can you present to traumatize a certain Japanese dish?

  2. The music when Chris decides to press tab:

  3. I would love to see a variant to this saying: This question answers the universe, which is it? The answer, of course, would be 42.

  4. I just had this hilarious thought that would make several players of the first quiz rage. Remember the end of the first quiz, and that missing a skip leads to your inevitable death? Well imagine that but with this music playing in the background as the bomb counts to your doom. Oh dear, that would make so many players rage.

  5. Which question was the second fuse stopper on?

  6. 120-ex. 1: What was the first balloon question? (Q 17)
    ex. 2: Which is the second maze question? (Q 39)
    ex. 11: Which question was the second Fusestopper on? (Q 41)
    ex. 3: One question had a red question number. Which was it? (Q 43)
    ex. 7: There are two "Frank Says" questions. One is #5. Which is the other? (Q 49)
    ex. 6: Burnt face duck (Q 56)
    ex. 8: Which question did Mars first appear in? (Q 58)
    ex. 4: Which question was Longcat in? (Q 60)
    ex. 10: Ponk Plucking (Q 66)
    ex. 9: LOL (Q 69)
    ex. 5: One Hit Wonder (Q 99)

  7. i died to the lol question multiple times because i have no sense of humour

  8. There are two "Frank Says" questions. One is #5. Which is the other?

  9. Q1: Sleeve
    Q2: Colorverde
    Q3: No Candy Bars!
    Q4: 🇺🇲
    Q5: Frank Says…
    Q6: Sentence has 8 Letters, does it not?
    Q7: Ugly lock picture
    Q9: The question you get your first skip at!
    Q10: You pick something up…
    Q11: First Maze Task
    Q12: GET this question upside down.
    Q13: Germany uses lederhosen!
    Q14: C-I-K T-E Q-E-T-O- -U-B-R T-I-E
    Q15: This question talks about heaven.
    Q16: The question in which our incredible 20 is named after
    Q17: The First Balloon Question
    Q18: Fly and Sand Wedgies
    Q19: A picture of a Fusestopper!
    Q20: Slick!
    Q21: Impossible Quiz Demo Refrence #1
    Q22: Pink Clouds make Cotton Candy
    Q23: Tic tac toe
    Q24: Find space under C
    Q25: Doors are not Doors
    Q27: Press the 1 key
    Q28: SPARTA!!!!!!
    Q29: Hidden Bombs and a Gem
    Q30: A Rolo has 0 holes
    Q31: Wales into a car
    Q33: Pair of Arses
    Q34: Death Button
    Q35: Playing darts with a baby
    Q36: Tequila is To kill her
    Q37: Elephants do not like Mice
    Q38: The one where you have to rapidly click
    Q39: The second maze question
    Q40: An animal and quiz name
    Q41: Which Question was the 2nd Fusestopper on?
    Q42: PIG BUSTER!!!1!1!!!!
    Q43: Which question had a red question number?
    Q44: What you say?
    Q45: E I E I O!
    Q46: The question in which orion is actually mentioned
    Q47: USB is mentioned
    Q48: USB Ports is mentioned
    Q49: There are 2 Frank Says questions in this quiz. One is #5 and the other is…
    Q50: Woof. Woof. Woof.
    Q51: A camel came last in a competition
    Q52: This question makes you clean a pot
    Q53: The arrow points to the answer
    Q54: Put the ACTUAL mouse on a button
    Q55: The one that references Pokemon good
    Q56: Burnt Face Duck
    Q57: This Question wants you to answer how much Letters in the answer.
    Q58: Mars' First appearence
    Q59: Make Vanish Varnish
    Q61: The annual chicken Crossing road joke
    Q62: Edam is Made backwards
    Q63: Which question makes you click the Quality button?
    Q64: There are 6 differences in a question
    Q65: Cows like Goats Blood on this question
    Q66: Plonk Plucking
    Q67: This question wants you to find a code. But it is also impossible…
    Q68: This question offered you a checkpoint.
    Q69: LOL
    Q70: NO NOT CHRIS!!!!
    Q71: This question itself is insanely great
    Q72: VIOLENCE the Strawberry has a big show here
    Q73: Leaf Snipper 101
    Q74: DO not exit u bastud
    Q75: PUNCH the cat _ amount of times to answer Q120!
    Q76: Aids
    Q77: You find tons of Flat Blokes in Toning Torn Topped Tonopah
    Q78: Jack in a splapp!
    Q79: Drag on to a circle
    Q80: The one that mentioned BLUE TITS
    Q81: Anser
    Q82: Wait unit 3 seconds and click the number you Think is obvious!
    Q83: Dig white stuff out of this one!
    Q84: Can you remember what code was on this question?
    Q85: No impossible quiz 3!
    Q86: U
    Q87: Watch the carrots and an arrow closely
    Q88: This was the only one with a DUD bomb!
    Q89: 3 men Walked into a bar.
    Q90: Okay, so you are on the last question. DO NOT TAKE YOUR 10 SECONDS WARNING ON THIS, BUT THERE WAS A QUESTION NUMBER THAT WAS SIMILAR TO THIS ONE. Oh and btw it is 90. But you are just about out of time to find it… okay gl
    Q91: Amy Rose will die after this…
    Q92: No lives on the impossible quiz 2
    Q93: NOT Dennis, Odd One Out!
    Q94: Break the Silence…
    Q95: This question must not be mentioned due to innapropriate image at the end.
    Q96: You have a certain amount of lives.
    Q97: K is found at the center of question…
    Q98: 5th time lemurs are mentioned.
    Q99: One HIT Wonder!

  10. One question had a red number, which one was it?

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