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The Impossible Quiz 2: I’m going to rage quit this game! I thought the first impossible quiz was tough, but this has just gotten even more tricky! Lets test my intelligence and see how I do! Hopefully this isnt like the idiot test and makes us look dumb!

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  1. question 25 was a jar because if you leave a door open a tiny bit people say its left open a jar like if you knew this

  2. Impressive! Like how you never give up and it’s 21 minutes.
    On the Search! question, rest your mouse under R, and you see a green bomb, let the bomb explode, you earn a skip. Find the green gem next to the water, click on it.

  3. number 30 was 4 because on word rolo it has 4 letters

  4. 29 you had to press your search bar I think
    Like if you agree.

  5. The can was American is because you get it a merry can

  6. Zai: Which is the largest? Earth, Mars, Milky Way or Galaxy? Hmm… gonna go with Milky Way.
    Me: Milky Way is also the name on a chocolate.
    Zai: Oh I choose Earth

  7. I think lederhosen means water hose but I’m not German

  8. Also Zai ma gurl
    Ya know question 4 when u didnt get it?
    Its American because there is a merry can so
    A-Meri-Can is like A-Merry-Can so yeah 🙂 and your the best I love ur videos
    Please give me a shoutout I'm nine years old and my name is Tillie 🙂
    Love your vids so keep doing what your doing ti make me and people happy 🙂

  9. Woooooooooooooow ill try but I guarantee I'll fail every single time. From:Jade

  10. Zai in question 4 is american because is ameri can

  11. If you pronounce American slowly it’s going to sound like A merry Can.

  12. Zai the last question the one that you gave up on I think the answer is tequila because if you say tequila very carefully it sounds like it’s saying to kill her at guil a

  13. I have to press the hand to click the news

  14. It's a jar cos when doors are open people say the door is ajar like if u get it

  15. Zai the answer to 32 is you get the finger and it is soooo easy but groooooooose

  16. i was thinking taqula or however u spell it XD cause he was maybe drunk and wasnt thinking

  17. The answer to number four is American bc A meri can get it

  18. the last question the answer was tequila because it sounds like to kill her

  19. dont press the key press key wwere you are spase p

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