The Impossible Quiz 2: GOING INSANE! (Part 2) -

The Impossible Quiz 2: GOING INSANE! (Part 2)

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These effing maze questions are driving me insane! Finally jumping back into The Impossible Quiz 2, but these mouse controls are really frustrating. Will I finally be able to get past those darn mazes?

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  1. I was keeping playing this game to completed!

  2. This YouTuber go to question 100, is ready heart you need to turn off the universe, but he/she can't do this.

  3. In Saturday,
    4:00am,me: playing Impossible Quiz 2,me:uh…. what is this question?

  4. "Is that how the British spell diarrhea? Because that's not how the English spell it."


  5. He just got dunkeeeeeeeed on I ain’t even lying yo he just got dunked on

  6. I had no idea TL;DR meant too long didn't read

  7. Loooooooooooong cat is just a cat with misshapen head and legs and is very thin

  8. did anyone notice that the screen is rly blurry and the sound is off??

  9. there is so many things wrong with this stream it’s unsettling

  10. whenever i’m about to make a joke matt or someone makes it for me 😌🤚💅🌚

  11. mat pat ill blame the mose the cat or almost any thing is a lyric for a rrandom econters fortnite song

  12. I spent 1 .5 hours on the 🚽 watching the stream

  13. anyone get maze runner flashbacks when they said ''CrankyPat"?

  14. Running down the gutter with a piece of bread and butter, diarrhea o3o

  15. 30:36
    Everyone knows the diarrhea song.
    The toilet paper song is a, your family, thing.

  16. Don’t you even! I will not be sassed bu you 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Darn it mat Pat !
    You have to under think things not over think things!

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