The Impossible Quiz 2 Complete -

The Impossible Quiz 2 Complete

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Yay! I finally finished it!

I didn’t lose any lives,but I had to skip 67 and use fusestopper in 104 cuz they’re increadible hard.
No maze cheating.
Rank: A-



  1. a minute through the chili's add started playing and i was just like WHAT THE FUCK?!

  2. Fuck we are in the wrong part of youtube again…

  3. lol i wasted countless hours trying to do the first quiz in my cisco course in highschool… but jesus christ… how many hours did this take? lol

  4. 109 likes your comment has no likes yea think his was funny unlike yours

  5. Well, my ears are bleeding, and I now know how to pass the next semester test.

  6. You call that a long game? Looks like you never played some really PAINFUL games

  7. @iycplpq yeah you go that right DUDE! ive been wasting my time with this game all day have a look its tight ==>

  8. 0 lives lost and only an A-…holy fuck that sucks lmao

  9. Was that..Amy.. Committing suicide..? Well great now I'm scarred for life.

  10. Everything goes so freaking fast in this video I can't see it half the time!

  11. @bravo777 Milky Way, Galaxy, and Mars are all names of candy bars.

  12. slow downn! barely looked at the screen before your on the 5th question..

  13. it's not random it's a set answer to each "question"

  14. but the random events that happen in this quiz is amusing. thats what he means by "random"

  15. A booty that sat down screwing really hard

  16. what is teh music at question 42? it doesnt tell me in teh credits?

  17. uhmm… yea… i just waisted ten minutes of my life…. AWESOME 😀

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