The Impossible Quiz 2 Complete -

The Impossible Quiz 2 Complete

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Yay! I finally finished it!

I didn’t lose any lives,but I had to skip 67 and use fusestopper in 104 cuz they’re increadible hard.
No maze cheating.
Rank: A-



  1. 6:00 shortcut to chris's incredible 20

  2. ha!! … 10 * 3 = 30 min + 48*3= 144 sec .. but we know that 144 seconds = 2 min and 24 seconds … so dude if you watch this 3 times in a row , then you spent exactly 32min and 24 sec of your life ….. eww learn math :p lol jk

  3. fake. at 43. time 1:24 the question is from impossible quiz 1

  4. If you don't want to spoil your game I suggest using .uk I could jump right to the logos that I needed help on.

  5. If he slows down the video will be super long?

  6. why when I came to this video the thumbs down button was already pressed ? I changed this into a thumbs up…

  7. yay lbp music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Welp. I can now officially beat the first game on every attempt. Now to 2 =P

  9. I can't believe they got past 108. I only got to like question 60 something.

  10. You know, Question 67 is SO much easier if you right-click, then hover the green button, then Esc.

  11. To be honest this music fit perfectly with the silliness and craziness of this game. I love this vid and come back to it every once in a while when I wanna hear some great tunes that fit the game's craziness 😀

  12. This music kinda reminds me of……………….. THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL!

  13. LIVES LOST:0

  14. in Question 90, if decide to stick around, a bomb will appear…

  15. In Q54 what happens if u put the cursor on the green button

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