The Impossible Quiz 2: Complete Walkthrough -

The Impossible Quiz 2: Complete Walkthrough

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Here’s the second quiz…please rate and comment this took FOREVER.



  2. how do u go number 7 i dont know what 2 do all videos just go 2 that screen 4 1 sec and pass it and i dont c what they do some1 plz tell me wat 2 do on #7

  3. hey you click the right arrow key on your computers keyboard…i just added a video annotation sorry for taking so long i dont read comments often

  4. yeah i know…but after you've been sitting there for 5 hours trying to get it all right in one run, you kinda just wanna get it the hell over with….sorry!

  5. what are you supposed to do for Q. 58?

  6. haha, this quiz is stupid, everything is random hahaha

  7. the quesion that says THINK FAST!!! with a big bomb that has 1 second and you need to click escape quickly btw that question is a peace of cake

  8. i dont get 53 at all i dont know what arrow somone tell me the REAL awnser plz comment back plz!!!

  9. A walkthrough on this game isent a walkthrough if you use the skips and love lives

  10. Way to go you definitely have some patience cat.

  11. your AMAZING you went throw the hole thing no sweat

  12. @WhAtSfUnNy18 maybe you watch way too slow……..

  13. @64NewMoon DO IT!!!! SEE IF I CARE!!!

  14. I think you press number 1 on your keyboard

  15. i think u prees the bomb when it hits 2?

  16. Its not really a walkthrough if you skip 2 and btw the quality is bad

  17. it really is a walk through because I called it one…and the qualitys 2080p…its your monitor sorry:/

  18. Considering you ask people to rate and comment you're pretty atrocious at taking criticism, but they're right, it is a) too fast and b) poor quality.

  19. 2080p? are you fucking kidding me? theres only a 240p option on your video..

  20. you gotta get a new monitor or something, i play all my videos on an imax screen so i have up to 80000p.

  21. how about unsted of going so fast no one can see what the heck your doing, make 2 or 3 parts. didja think of that, GEEEEUIIIINNUUSSS?

  22. hmmm sorry youre having trouble…have you tried watching on a gameboy color? do you wear glasses or contacts? what vision do you have?

  23. wow after all thaht only a C but don"t worry pewds got a F great job i could never do that 😀 

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