The Impossible Quiz 2! (ChilledChaos and Jessbubger) -

The Impossible Quiz 2! (ChilledChaos and Jessbubger)

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Well Internet, its been over a year since we did the first Impossible game…and to be honest…it didn’t make sense. So We tried the second one…and it still doesn’t make sense…BUT WE TRIED! Thanks for watching? I think. Leave a rating for more.

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It’s pretty much a Bullshit game made up of lies and Slander and it definitely tries to hurt your feelings by making you look stupid

Game Description:
It’s not impossible, but you might dig for your brains through your ear. Give it your best shot and try not to get shot.

You can Play it here if you want

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Music by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech
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  1. If you didn't beat impossible quiz one your screwed

  2. Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy says:

    play the impossible BOOK don't worry it has  checkpoints

  3. For anyone wondering, Rolo's are chocolate with caramel inside them which are round but have no holes in them.

  4. Give me more Chilled!
    More Videos with you and Jess!

  5. Chilled: I think the galaxy is bigger than the Milky Way

  6. Calling it before watching. they wont get past 60

  7. I always read Jessburger.
    Chilled is it okay if i call her Jessburger?

  8. FUN FACT: Almost every question in these quizzes make (sorta) sense.

    3. There are chocolate bars named "mars", "galaxy", and "milky way". It refers to those instead of the actual mars, galaxy, and milky way. So earth would be the biggest.
    4.American = A merry can
    12. The entire question was upside down except for "fine", but when the question is right side up it refers to the one answer that really is "upside down".
    You still with me? good.
    21. The very first Impossible quiz was the impossible quiz demo. It had only 30 questions.
    24. Look at you're keyboard, whats under the C?
    31. two whales = to Wales, You have to drive down the m4 to get to Wales.
    32. What do you pick your nose with?
    42. Ummm….just…dont ask…
    43. This is a random question from the first game…

    I hope you learned something important from this Chilled, and may you succeed in future impossible quizzes. Good day!

  9. This was painful to watch. Couldn't finish the video lol.

  10. Chilled can you start aplay through series of the game bully or bullworth
    (Forgot what the game was called but I know it's one of those)Or please start a play through of some game

  11. Jess, Chilled is right about the tequila thing.

  12. chilled next time read the directions. you can get power ups which will help you i watched you pass up 3 of them and i wanted to kick a bunny

  13. The answer to the upside down question was "fine" because to the question itself, fine was upside-down.

  14. When chilled was supposed to pet the dog, why did he immediately think you're supposed to touch it's butt?

  15. chilled the m4 is a road that goes to wales in the uk.

  16. Cause fine was upside down to the question

  17. pet the dog by running your mouse over it

  18. I can imagine Chilled being the guy for beat my PC

  19. For this game you should phone a Smarty, he'd have a walk in the park with this.

  20. Lol, I love how jess beats chilled to it everytime xD

  21. oh chilled even with help….. your still a dumbass

  22. after question 42 and it does that weird scene thing it asks you questions from the first impossible quiz

  23. TeeHee! at ur derpiness / fails & Jess having to answer fr u
    Interesting as gameplay
    Cheers, @***** 

  24. Jess really derped out on the Tequila question although Chilled explained it to her twice. xD

  25. The reason why it was fine is because if you look at the question with your head upside down then the only answer upside down from the question was fine XD

  26. It is Earth because Milky Way, Galaxy, and Mars are chocolate companies, Earth is not 😛

  27. Phone: hot pockets…
    TV: …find a way to enjoy it

  28. At 2:18 I thought a Tribute to Machinima Respawn video was playing in another tap. Silly me XD

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