The Impossible Quiz 2 (5) With More Feeling This Time! -

The Impossible Quiz 2 (5) With More Feeling This Time!

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Mental Sanity? Nah, I don’t need that.


  1. @Shadoweaver407 wat teh fuck do u mean

  2. @scariestkilla There is a band named U2. I was also making fun of your poor grammar. If you say "teh" instead of "the", it is highly suggested that you stop wasting your time looking at lolcats.

  3. @Shadoweaver407 I know it isnt proper gramer its just how im use to talking to my friends it sorta make it funny and when i say a sentence involving have i say has with a z i sorta got misorginized and i dont know anything about the band and im more than certain he said i hate this game i have no idea why also thanks for informing me theres a band called u2 ill check it out and sorry about my cursing not the best day that was and im actualy sick today so im eating chicken soup while i get better

  4. @shadowweaver407 also i might sub 2 u if i like u2

  5. @Shadoweaver407 just cuz u might hav told me about a good band but now u dont get sub

  6. @scariestkilla Good, i don't like illiterate people anyway.

  7. @Shadoweaver407 look im srry lets not talk to each other again

  8. Remember, for Question 67, you can't drop the key. Letting go of the mouse is considered "Dropping the Key".

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