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  1. You might not know this, but if you want to win this game, you MUST play this game to ABSOLUTE perfection. If you lose a life, you might as well press tab. The game barely gives you enough lives to complete the game, as some questions are impassable unless you intentionally lose a life, and you need the powerups for the end. Not to mention after question 103, your cursor becomes invisible for the rest of the game (unless you do the glitch), and will stay invisible unless you restart the Flash. This will cause questions like 104 to be a lot harder unless you right click your way through. Also, if you have used your bomb defuser, you CANNOT get it back by ending your game; you must restart the Flash. Because of that, once you used your bomb defuser, the game becomes unwinnable for the remainder of the time that this Flash is open, until you restart your Flash and get your bomb defuser back. Not to mention the riddles are actually case-sensitive, and you can't see your answer, and some of the answers require an article as well.

  2. 1. Joe!2. No, struddle!3. Halfway4. Blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue5. Navigate the maze6. Wee-wee7. Branston8. Search for the thing!9. Jahovo10. Stella Artois11. Me!12. A death!13. Press A, F, A, G, and ! (10)14. Drag the question number and click the bell15. Macorana16. An garage17. In the catalogue18. Ray19. Press c on the keyboard20. Search for the thing!21. Organs in mains22. Any option is correct23. 23.999999997777777824. Navigate the maze25. Click the word "you" to change it to "yes!"26. 527. Click the hole in the letter o because necklace is spelled wrong28. Citron tet29. GTA I30. I'd get bored of a mansion31. Baked not fried!32. Do nothing, then click the words "LET'S NOT!" (10)33. Broke nigga34. 3435 & 36. Click your life counter37. I'd rather drink my mum's bathwater38. Shotpit to sumcacks39. Pva40. Click the middle one (10)41. No your a sumctain42. That's some srispy chit43. Click the question number twice44. Pick the Tesco brand (10)45. Click the question number46. A cat with a lisp47. In his hole48. Yorkshire49. Bessie50. Red, yellow, red, blue51. Far, far away52. Click where the dot next to the question number should be (10)53. Is under water54. Click "the" in "the quiz"55. Click the question number56. None57. Only on the default58. You'll see!59. They hurt60. Jo frost (10)61. Because it's time for the weekly shopping trip62. The hitcher63. A fat man in a yellow suit dosed in wee64. Spearmint65. Gary Numan66. It's the only way to live (10)67. As flimsy as been carresed with a natural yoghurt68. Can opener69. Click when the arrow appears (10)70. 10:09 PM71. Choose the red pill72. Pip73. Wind up the power (10)74. Is a chit that needs wiping up75. Chicken leg76. Poverty77. Click the middle dot in the exclamation points78. Stop();79. Choc ice80. Click the question number81. FU- NO!82. Via-funnel83. Click the arrow (10)84. Move the word "pencil"85. Press r on the keyboard86. Click the dot in "Lives"87. It was a trick pie!!!88. Click the dot in "Lives"89. Question 9090. Do nothing (10)91. A black hole 92. Pink fluff (10)93. Once94. In the catalogue95. _Frijj – chocolate fudge brownie milkshake (5)96. Press "escape" in the sentence (1)97. Shiva (10)98. Cosmo and wanda99. Dial 999 with the question number (5)100. The furious 15101. 44 (10)102. That's a keep clicking (10)103. Search for the thing! (10)104. Do what the task says105. John Agard (10)106. Keep clicking the faucet to fill the tub (10)107. Bamboo drain pipes (10)108. Rub out the fuse (5)110. "Onion"111. "River"112. "Keyboard"113. "Snake"114. "Time"115. Make sure you saved all your powerups! (5)

  3. I still gotta figure out what the name of this font is

  4. 1. joe
    2. no. struddle
    3. halfway
    4. blue,blue,blue,blue,blue,blue

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