The Impossible Quiz 2 -

The Impossible Quiz 2

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And I raaaaaaaaan! I RAN SO FAR AWAAAAAAY!!!!

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  1. Literally right when it was about to say "this is sparta" I got an ad that said "this is where we prepare". How uncanny.

  2. The very first Impossible Quiz released to the public was "The Impossible Quiz Beta", containing only 30 questions with no powerups (e.g. Skips) and 0 lives. Some questions were cut in The Impossible Quiz 1.

    Also, why am I commenting on a 6-year-old video?

  3. for number 23 use the circle around the question number

  4. game: this is sparta!!
    mark: freaks out
    me: laughs cus heard it more than one in Turkey aaah nostalgia

  5. I Remember watching this series when I was 8 years old. I’m 14 now and I still watch mark. He has got me through so much in my life and I thank him for that, even though he will never know who I am. Thank you Mark for everything

  6. I’m surprised he struggled so hard on the tik tak toe part

  7. I laughed at the penguin one, the p p p pick up a penguin add is pretty much famous in the uk

  8. The thing is he has actually been incredibly smart before, but some of these the answer was obvious and he didn’t see it

  9. I didn't know mark was this stupid back then

  10. youve brought this upon your self mark you gave yourself a death

  11. Question 14 is very easy to read if you unfocused your eyes

  12. This is the first time of me finding out what the Impossible Game 2 is, and I thought this was new

  13. I feel so sorry for mark he’s crying😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  14. Him and the is penguin a British thing 🤣

  15. For those who don’t understand question 21. It is referring to the actual questions and not the ones where you have to type,drag mouse,right click, etc.

  16. on question 10 mark is big dum and smol brain

  17. in question 20, you can get a fusestopper by clicking the purple zit

  18. question 21 is referring to the impossible quiz demo.

  19. actually, you don't defuse the green one. you just let the green one explode for a skip

  20. in question 30, you click the 0 in the question number

  21. who is watching this in 2021 and is still dying of laughter?

  22. Spot the brown one among those 99 red balloons that germans love so much.
    in the first Impossible quiz two aliens enter one of them leaves and all the children say we don't need another hero we don't need to know the way home all we want I'd life beyond Thunderdome.

  23. I like how people are still giving Mark answers on a video he made 7 years ago lol

  24. 23RD was O. turn. bc there is 4of the X and 3 o. so it means 1 o is mssing.
    dead dog

  25. 14:59 I laughed so hard when it show the dude's face right with a ad!!! 😆😂

  26. I'm quite offended with the candy floss question why do we need to go to the bellow because we call it candy floss I called it that until I moved to the U.S

  27. 1:17 mark, our chocolate names are weird. Milky way, galaxy bar, Mars bar, dairy milk bar, toffee crisp, munchies, Aeros, rolos and so much more

  28. Love how mat pat reads every question analytically then marks just like 👁👄👁

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