The impossible quiz 2 100% in 9:14.61 World Record -

The impossible quiz 2 100% in 9:14.61 World Record

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Not a great run, still needs practice. not bad though


  1. Sheesh this game was more demented than I remember

  2. Whoever made this game has some serious issues.

  3. Lol anyone after seeing that answer of 120th question is 43, and make it back at 1:30 to check?

  4. I didnt know this was so long…

    thats what she said

  5. solving all these retarded quizzes it fills you with…


  6. no animals were harmed in the making of this quiz, have a good day – Nobody

  7. What the fuck was someone smoking when they made this?

  8. This Guy Is Awesome! Not Only He Beats The Quiz With An A* He Actually Has A World Record On The Question 103 Coz All People Just Skips There And Yes The Skilled Only Has 2 Secs Left Before Dying In Question 103 But This Guy Is The First One To Beat Question 103 The Fastest! (Like Srsly Tho All People Only Has 2 Sec Left Then They Completed It So Slow) Good Job Bro!

  9. Anyone else check that question 43 was the only red question?

  10. If your reading this you need to stop this is a quiz for the Impossible Quiz 2. You can always watch the video again if you’re not sure of the answers.

    1. What was the longest question? (A 54) (B 62) (C 90) (D 120)
    2. There is 2 “Frank says..” questions. One was #5. Which was the other one? (A 16) (B 49)
    3. What did Amy use to kill herself (A Nothing) (B one of these >#) (C Gun)
    4. What did the can say? (A Cheesy Fish Mush) (B Cat Food Mush) (C Yummy Cat Fish) (D Amazing Cat Mush)
    5. Lol. (A Hmm?) (B 69) (C WHAAA) (D 54)
    6. One Pop Wonder. (A 99) (B 32) (C 101) (D 108)
    7. Which question was the “Longcat” in? (A 60) (B 61) (C 62) (D 63)
    Final question!: Which was the second maze question? (A 40) (B 39) (C there was only one) (D 43)

  11. The world record is 4 min youdum as hell

  12. Ok but seriously, this was more fucked up than the last

  13. Some body complete this game in 4 minutes so…

  14. When he punched the cat in the face 3 times it made me feel really sad 😭

  15. World record guiness staff wants to know your location

  16. Nobody:
    Absolutely nobody:
    YouTube algorithm: Hehe funni speedrun for u

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