The impossible quiz 2 100% in 9:14.61 World Record -

The impossible quiz 2 100% in 9:14.61 World Record

AllStarGamer JP
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Not a great run, still needs practice. not bad though


  1. When you only have 10 minutes of break time in your school.

  2. i hate youtube, now you need premium to use downloads

  3. The person who made this game definitely hate animals

  4. 2:37 *when you realize that this is the original of Dynamax Meowth

  5. Why does that game just love animal cruelty?

  6. 85% of comments: lots of violence

    10% of comments: hackerman

    5% of comments: other random things

  7. When you only hVe 10 minutes of free time on your chrome book

  8. Touch the red ballons dont touch blue bomb y green ballons

  9. RealKewlKat789, the person nobody asked for says:

    me when somebody says “try to beat my time”

  10. this doesn't seem that difficult i'ma go ahead and give it a go

  11. He is a man of focus, commitment and sheer fucking will

  12. A few things:
    1. This is 100%, not any %.
    2. What mouse were you using?! That run of 104 was INSANE.
    3. The right-click “cheat” is not a cheat, it is totally allowed. Likewise, you couldve saved more time if you did the same in 108. How to do this is to right-click to reveal a “bridge” to the end, then right-click again or hit escape on your keyboard to easily beat the maze in under 5 seconds. Works every time for me.

  13. What kind of psychopath made this game?

  14. Sheesh im sticking to the first one, this one is more gruesome

  15. ESRB Rating:
    Rated T
    [Blood, Violence, Animal Abuse, Crude Humor]

  16. time to immitate gd colon
    and make a weird quiz that doesn't make sense at all

  17. For 104, you gotta move your mouse really fast if you don't want to use the fusestopper on that.


    Lives Lost: 0
    Powerups founded: 6
    Powerups used: 0
    Grade: A*

  19. You can also right click to Chris face in Q108. This will help the run will be even faster, but it will cost you a life.

  20. anyone notice that the game sounds echoey

  21. Good job on the Tas or macro what ever you want to call it

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