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The Impossible Quiz

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Hey guys and welcome to The Impossible Quiz. Let’s see how far I can get into this before becoming extremely irritated. Have you played it? Let me know how far you got!

The Impossible Quiz is a very interesting and popular online flash game. This game is liked, by great number of people all over the world and they play this awesome game with great pleasure. The essence of the game is pretty easy; you will need to take the test, answering all the “issues”. In the beginning of the game you are given a question and four possible answers: A, B, C, D and you must guess the correct answer then you will be asked a second question and then a third and so on

Play it:

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  1. Have u done girl go games if u haven't please do from Mia I ❤️u so much👌🏽

  2. I was shouting anwsers………….the hole vid

  3. The one that you have to colour in the right order your suppose to read the Boggy it means b=blue o=orange g=green g=green y=yellow I got way further than you so easy

  4. #3 says ANSWER THIS QUESTION BACKWARDS. and the K.O means O.K
    Just so you know. 😉


  6. Omg i think u are the bets gamer .

  7. i did it but it took me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long

  8. I feel like yammy already played this if she did then lol

  9. the poop sound on the face looks like LD shadowlady

  10. The squid was based on the first letter to match the color yammy!!

  11. How has seen the new movie the real version of beauty and the beast. It is awesome!!!😍😍😍 I love it some much😍😍 if you have seen it like if you agree that it is awesome

  12. the add that came on before this was two walruses dancing to pineapple apple pen on cue perfectly imcould not stop watching so funny

  13. I played the game and I didn’t lose one time

  14. For the colouring in correct order its blue orange green green yellow

  15. the k.o one is 'answer this question backwards' spelled backwards. K.O is O.K backwards. It's really quite obvious, no offense meant.

  16. yammy i know the answer that yu skip the name is bobby b blue o orange bb green y yellow good luck

  17. and also in the words his hand has 7 letters

  18. On question 19 it is b=blue o=orange Both gs=green y= yellow

  19. You are the youtuber that has done the Most answers wow just wow

  20. I've gotten like at 60 but I gave up but I may try again

  21. The 19th one was Blue,Orange,Green Green,Yellow bc Its BOGGY

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