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The Impossible Quiz

Kevin Hanley
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This is a video of me completing the Impossible Quiz, created by Splapp-me-do and hosted by Newgrounds.

The run is by no means flawless. I get lost in one of the invisible glues, I almost die on the toe-nails, I get nailed by an asteroid in the space level, I lose a life on the disappearing dots and I cheat on the road by holding down the mouse button.

But I did finish it! And to those of you who have dove into this quiz know that that is a damn accomplishment.

That was one long week. Many thanks to Lindsay for helping me with a few answers, and Ian for helping me with the End of the World question.

Music consists of the first two tracks of Silversun Pickups wonderful album “Carnavas.”


  1. this game is an utter and absolute waste of time. Dont get me wrong, the questions are very funny and entertaining, but having to go through them over and over and over and over and over and over…thats not very fun.

  2. when you get to the put mouse here and go here without touching blue, you can hold down right click and go through

  3. that must hav taken u soooo long, if i did that i wouldnt even get past 10! honestly, the last question must b such a dissapointment if u havnt collected all 7 lives!

  4. how did u figure out the painting fish 1?

  5. i died on question 110 i wasted a skip on question 109

  6. how do u get past #76? whenever i press the honey jar it never works. i die instead. oh well im just gonna give up lol

  7. Haha, I always die on the toenail thing. xD Congrats on completing the Impossible Quiz. :DD

  8. as in the song candy girl

    sugar… ohh honey honey… you are my candy girl etc

  9. What?! you can cheat in the road question? What happens if you hold down the mouse button, you dont ever die? Ive always done it the normal way 🙁 but yes this is a major accomplishment! I spent nearly a month trying to beat this quiz and i did 🙂

  10. i finished it a while ago but this helped me

  11. yay i beat the imposible quiz with a record time of 4:01 and it was not easy you got to have a fast hand and quick reaction time.

  12. On the "don't touch the pink" one, did you hold down the mouse button? I don't know because I didn't use your method. I actually open my MSN messenger and used it as a bridge lol

  13. the code of no.108 was actually written in one of the earlier questons, and it was written in red? I remember that the blue red blue yellow thing was shown at the same time too

  14. on question 56 i click the yellow button but it makes me lose a life someone plz help me!!!

  15. on question 106 how do u keep your mouse on the road then the grass?

  16. that one in the epic 10 where you have to click on the dots looks so hard
    and the one where you have to dodge the meteors

  17. I have been at this thing for a week and I always get caught up on the toe nais question. I did beat that question earlier, but died on another question. But that toe nail question is one of the hardest on here, in my opinion.

  18. Alright, while I seemed to have mastered the toe nail question, I am now caught up on 106. I know right clicking costs you a life when you are steering on the road. How did you bypass the driving?

  19. Unless there's a glitch, because that has never happened to me. But the correct sequence is blue, red, blue, yellow.

  20. how can 106 passed like that i tried like he but i dont know how he did it

  21. I don't really care about the game. Just wanted to say nice name, and song choice for this vid.

  22. this game is fucking crazy!!!!!!!!! its so delightfully random, but its way too hard! ive played it so much, that i have most of the answers memorized, but i cant get passed thoed damn toenails!!!!! i hate them, thats why i ripped all of mine off. now all i have are bloody stubs left.

  23. you can right click and stay on the menu that pops up to aviod the astriods on 84 🙂

  24. I got to question 107. I thought it was real so I pressed ry again (Didn't help that i was on my last life.)

    Question 92 pisses me off so much.

  25. 108 is kinda cool and i think that cause i played lost and i get it lol

  26. i play this on my itouch and soo far the farthest i been in 87

  27. i love the impossible quiz
    i am stuck at the freakin townail

  28. OMG!!
    you are really cool!! how can I do the nº 102?? I have to click the dots or just touch them??

  29. Ive dont the quiz b4,its amazingly hard,and i did it with no skips and 3 lives left, it is its name impossible

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