The Impossible Quiz -

The Impossible Quiz

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  1. Everyone knows that cardboard tastes like fucking mayonaise

  2. Pewdiepie played and there are 100 questions and 10 bonus questions.

  3. On the 42 one count all of em' until you get to 42

  4. How do you kill a werewolf cillit bang of fuck

  5. tguituitguiiuyoiyy;oiyiyyyoiuuyyyio nklhnmnn n k m     nm m m m   m m mnljk  bjbm  njj    mhvmn klll
    9uu khyuftyjmmkg7hn momnopy7juiu7ki9yukmn  nhutblmk bnm  v ioi lol

  6. there is 110 questions

  7. dude, on my first try i made it to # 42 easily, by myself. the games no 2 2 hard

  8. Hey, you should finish Decay cause you never finished it.

  9. Yeah, he didn't finish Part 2, the Finale, or the Mare…

  10. What software was used to record? i wanna record this for my channel but using dxtory is not practic i think

  11. There are 110 questions. I got to question 54 and practically rage quit.

  12. this game was the bane of my sanity!!! only got to 102 in like 6 years…. i.will.complete.this! 

  13. The Can you get this question wrong is any of them. they are all correct.

  14. I could never get past question 66 on this. <XD

  15. Yaminash,the answer at Question 38 is Mary Rose.

  16. There's an easier way than going around the blue u could just click & hold then you could just go through the blue

  17. he obviously watched a video on it because no one in the history of time can get through all those questions as fast as he did without doing it before themselves or watching a video

  18. there are 125 or 120 questions in the game even markplier made it way father than that i mean he only had 59 left and i am not tring to be mean but wow.

  19. I've played this game before but I can't go past the If only you had a bridge because my laptop doesn't right click properly. 🙁


  21. On question 33 it said said how many LETTERS in HIS HAND you were suppose to count the letter his hand so it's 7 lol very hard to understand that question

  22. First gaming video I've ever seen with a facecam in the BOTTOM corner.

  23. Its not divide yami, its the square ROOT of onion, do you even math?

  24. After watching KSI's awful, woeful, disastrous attempt at getting through this game it is astonishing how well you are getting through this XD

  25. I had 12 questions left to win but I keep dying

  26. why dose your voice sometimes sound like a pirate not to be rude and I'm only 10 so don't hate on me PLZ

  27. Question 1: Four

    Question 2: No, but a tin can

    Question 3: K.O

    Question 4: THE ANSWER

    Question 5: Right click then move over then click, or move off the screen.

    Question 6: Shallots

    Question 7: An elephant

    Question 8: Yes!

    Question 9: THAT ONE (top right)

    Question 10: Dentures

    Question 11: n

    Question 12: The dot above "I"

    Question 13: F'TAANG

    Question 14: Torch

    Question 15: HORSE

    Question 16: H

    Question 17: 17.

    Question 18: Hammer

    Question 19: Blue, Orange, Green, Green, Yellow (BOGGY)

    Question 20: Seal!

    Question 21: Green flash (top left)

    Question 22: +1 Skip

    Question 23: BRAN

    Question 24: Click the "V" in "LiVes"

    Question 25: Shoe Polish

    Question 26: Arsefacey

    Question 27: GO TO 28

    Question 28: Abundance

    Question 29: Egg Mayonnaise

    Question 30: Cross through the tunnel

    Question 31: Woof. Woof. Woof.

    Question 32: Babycham and Human Faeces

    Question 33: 7

    Question 34: Remove mouse

    Question 35: Green smiling button

    Question 36: A walk

    Question 37: Of course not

    Question 38: Mary Rose

    Question 39: Cylindrical Adventures

    Question 40: Cross over the right-click menu

    Question 41: AFRO

    Question 42: 42nd 42

    Question 43: Tom Cruise

    Question 44: .

    Question 45: W RONG (cross sun flag skull up)


    Question 47: Red

    Question 48: SNAAAAKE!

    Question 49: SPLAPP-ME-DO

    Question 50: O.K.

    Question 51: Fight! (mash the mouse)

    Question 52: 3rd from left

    Question 53: …but pa might not

    Question 54: No, about 20cm off the ground

    Question 55: A games console for wholemeal biscuits

    Question 56: Blue, red, blue, yellow

    Question 57: Erm… one?

    Question 58: Shepherd's Pie

    Question 59: Charge ur lazer! (mash the mouse)

    Question 60: No… (unless you did 59 without retrying upon running this flash)

    Question 61: Thumbs up

    Question 62: Moss

    Question 63: Tasteless white filth

    Question 64: Egg > 28

    Question 65: LARGEST

    Question 66: !

    Question 67: A big hairy arsonist

    Question 68: Stroke the cat

    Question 69: LOL, 69

    Question 70: Using its anus

    Question 71: Green

    Question 72: Middle far left switch (it's small)

    Question 73: ? (top right)

    Question 74: No one knows that

    Question 75: ESCAPE!

    Question 76: Sugar, honey, honey

    Question 77: Question 77

    Question 78: FOUR

    Question 79: U

    Question 80: Filthy Romanians

    Question 81: Run cursor up and down lightning rod

    Question 82: Clip the toenails

    Question 83: National Dyslexic Association

    Question 84: Green Shooting Star

    Question 85: I loved it!

    Question 86: The Prince

    Question 87: .

    Question 88: Break Sonic's leg (mash the mouse)

    Question 89: Blindness

    Question 90: Nonce

    Question 91: Rip the note (no clicking involved)

    Question 92: 194, 27, 26, 14, 9, 3, 2.5, 1, .4

    Question 93: Go! (behind bomb)

    Question 94: The bomb is a dud

    Question 95: Remove mouse, click Red

    Question 96: A right mess

    Question 97: 10+ times!

    Question 98: Blue, red, blue, yellow

    Question 99: At green, click sign

    Question 100: Two

    Question 101: Chihuahua

    Question 102: Touch the dots! (one of them doesn't have one)

    Question 103: Slight down and slight right (you'll know)

    Question 104: Large yellow sad moon (Hey! Why not the large gray sad moon?)

    Question 105: BANANA (spell it from apple, nectarine, and gooseberry)

    Question 106: Click the arrow (right-clicking whacks you in the head)

    Question 107: Don't click TRY AGAIN on the gameover screen

    Question 108: 4 8 15 16 23 42 execute

    Question 109: Make the monkey poo (mash the mouse), then click on arrow

    Question 110: Use all seven skips

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