The Impossible Quiz! (100% Trolling) -

The Impossible Quiz! (100% Trolling)

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  1. For q. 9 the correct answer was pointing toward the bottom left

  2. If you look close he still has half a cup of coffee left

  3. Anybody here 2020?And alive cause of the corona

  4. Game:The impossible quiz
    Instructions:its NOT impossible

  5. 6:25 It is that one because the arrow of that one is pointing to the bottom left

  6. No 9 could u plz have a look at the arrows

  7. For “this one that one this one” the correct answer had an arrow pointing to the bottom left. Bottom left would have been the right answer if it said “this one” but it said “that one” and pointed somewhere else

  8. i says what follows, not what is following

  9. When the question was that one, that one, that one, this one, u picked correctly the last one bc the arrow was to the right one.
    Im sorry its confusing

  10. You triggered me so much 😩 on question 9 it literally points to that one 😔

  11. The ninth Question: DINT U SEE THE FREAKIN ARROW

  12. Dude sometimes i think ur so intelligent

    And sometime u make me realize ur at the peak of dumbness

  13. With number nine, you had to look at the arrow. The arrow pointed to the right answer. You had to pick the box it was coming from

  14. This was made 3 years ago and it’s on my recommed

  15. 6:53 Omg no… That’s not… K I’m not even gonna explain…

  16. 6:18, do you still don’t get it, it’s a arrow on the right one that points to the right answer, okey that was kinda messy explanation but you might understand 🙂 I hope

  17. On the December 2nd one it's N cause December 2 .N.d 😊

  18. At the first one why do you answer so fast thats the problem

  19. Lol he farted by mistake then he refreshed the quiz and farted at the same time🤣🤣

  20. 6:16 the answer was the second one, because you had to notice the arrows. The arrows were pointing at other answer choices, so it was the second one, because it was pointing to the answer choices box you clicked on question 2. If I didn't make sense no worries I could explain again bc I basically never make sense :/


  22. U're so idiot XD 6:25 look carefully at what are the answers are pointing at

  23. Dude u did not see th arrows for the question in which it asked for the box

  24. When u actually beat the game and you know all the answers

  25. You have to think of every posobility including the words so You can be sure.

  26. We learn something new everyday ( terry can fart on command )

  27. This was definitely harder than I thought. How did you guys do? I hope you guys are having a good start to 2017 😀

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