The Impossible Quiz 100% speedrun world record 4:58.7 -

The Impossible Quiz 100% speedrun world record 4:58.7

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  1. >thinking this is a legit speed run.
    What a fucking joke

  2. Finnaly someone that realized that his old vid got so popular because youtube reccomended it to everyone

  3. When she says she’s home alone but you have to fill out a survey before you go

  4. Can you please change the name of this video to former wr as this isn’t the wr anymore

  5. Remember back on 2013 when Pewdiepie needed like 5 videos to complete the first Impossible Quiz.

    My man here did literally 1 video per minute

  6. GG man, i watch this in 2019 and is awesome!

  7. Hey I'll bet y'all have never gotten a 2 hour and 11 minute ad before… it was by live subscribe and titled the scenery is more beautiful than the model

  8. When your teacher gives you five minutes of free time

  9. Low key, this game is actually a good speed run LMAOO

  10. Why do I hear the cantina music literally everywhere I go?

  11. Fastest Non-TAS Run i have seen! Congrats!

  12. 111. What was that rap song you used at The Epic 10?

    A: Darude Sandstorm
    B: Skillrex
    C: IDK
    D: Tell Me

  13. You need to be fed up with games, when you aquire skills in this.

  14. When you’ve been playing the game for one too many hours

  15. sucks that the music means we can’t hear the audio of the pop off but this is skilled nonetheless

  16. wait bruh its not 100% speedrun if you lost a life

  17. Jesus Christ…..i can't even see what's happening on the screen

  18. Lives Lost: 2
    Skips founded: 7
    Skips used: 0
    Rank: A-

  19. Why am I the only one who searched for this lol. Flash games are ending at the end of december and I remembered this flash game and wanted to see a speedrun of it.

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  21. Dude this was hands down AMAZING!! srsly all the kudos to u!!!

  22. Wow 4 million views what the hell is going on? I know a lot of you guys got this recommended randomly but 5 years later I'm actually a full-time twitch streamer mostly for Banjo-Kazooie 100% speedrunning but I just learned how to use Sony Vegas and I'm about to start properly using this youtube for quality speedrunning related content! I see a lot of the same questions on here all the time so let me know if you want me to do a breakdown video of how speedrunning this game actually works.

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