The Impossible Quiz 🤯 TEST YOUR BRAIN -

The Impossible Quiz 🤯 TEST YOUR BRAIN

The Card Guy
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  1. It's so funny how he's wearing Beast merch

  2. Hey subscriber here I could really use 100 dollars love your videos

  3. Not done watching

    Look at the first letter in the color I correct order because it goes that way hahaha

  4. Are you a fan of mr beast? 🤭🤭🤭🤭

  5. The last one how it said remember red blue red yellow press all those Lol

  6. The real minions daddy pictures as and work why do you do this

  7. If you’re wondering what question #45 is saying, it’s saying “potatoes fly”

  8. Answer for question 56: in question 50, it says remember: blue red blue yellow and you need to click those buttons in question 56 in order

  9. My kids are watching on the tv and everything so far has worked on them amazing

  10. :0 your wearing MrBeast mearch i think and its amazing

  11. OK, no one's talking about this guy wearing Mrbeast merch?!

  12. Hi ! I’m the kid that took a pic with you yesterday like 10 pm ?! May 23? Sorry if I was a little too hyper I was just so excited to meet you !! Thanks for the picture!! And i really like your tricks !! I’ve seen your vids and never thought I would meet you tysm !!!!

  13. On Question 19, just look at the letters, they each start with a color, so b means blue, o means orange, g means green, y means yellow.

  14. Hold on that impossible quiz means like another YouTuber did The impossible quiz oh yeah this guy was really hard and literally just said about it like impossible because it said the impossible quiz oh yeah he doesn't know any math when it was like 27 – 7 = 17 they didn't have a 17 but the question 17 mean the answer is 17

  15. think outside the box you were going outside the screen get it

  16. The place you failed last attempt. You probably needed to remember the blue red blue yellow

  17. 59 level is:
    You not remember blue red blue yellow was the answer

  18. At the beggining i was thinking that you played this game or watched a video

  19. Did you remember the blue red blue yellow it's for the level that you give up (hint)

  20. you have an mr beast hoodie!!!!!

  21. The last question u gave up on was blue, red, blue, yellow

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