The Impossible Quiz 🤯 TEST YOUR BRAIN -

The Impossible Quiz 🤯 TEST YOUR BRAIN

The Card Guy
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  1. Does anyone realize his wearing beast merch

  2. Bruh number 19 is blue orange green green yellow

  3. The answer to 56 is blue red blue yellow (from question 50)

  4. Question 56: blue red blue yellow is the answer

  5. So you know those buttons that have a lot of like yellow stuff around them it said remember blue red blue yellow on a few stages before that and then on the last stage that you did it said I hope you remembered so maybe the answer to the one that you last did was blue red blue yellow so try that if you try and do this game again

  6. You fan of mr beast cuz he wearing beast merch

  7. For the last on u had to click in this order blue red blue yellow

  8. Him Reading the question: remember blue red blue yellow like five questions later he gets the dots that you’re supposed to put the colors in order
    Me: did you not remember blue red blue yellow!?!

  9. on question 33 the answer is 7 bc howe many letters are in the words "his hand" get it now?

  10. The last one remember the level before that said remmeber this

  11. For question ten, it says "choose food". I personally think it means "chews food".

  12. Omg first thing I noticed was his t-shirt lol

  13. your voice on level 51 is so funny haha hahaha i dont mean to be mean

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