The IMPOSSIBLE Puzzle - Minecraft Diversity 3 w/ iHasCupquake & StacyPlays - Ep.5 -

The IMPOSSIBLE Puzzle – Minecraft Diversity 3 w/ iHasCupquake & StacyPlays – Ep.5

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Your favorite Minecraft duo is back together for the latest and final version of Diversity 3! In today’s episode, Stacy and Cupquake have a choice that can change the outcome of the villagers. Did they make the right choice? *Sorry for the re-upload, had to fix something from the previous upload!

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  1. I watch every episode of Minecraft video you do I love them all

  2. Who was watching her before 1 million subs💜💜💜love you tiff💜💜💜

  3. I have a problem every new episode I freak out and have to click it

  4. I'm so dizzy looking at them trying to solve puzzles including the green room

  5. I have been watching ihascupquake for 4 years

  6. A lot of the time with these sort of puzzles, I tend to just do what you guys did and just activate them at random until I finally either figure out the pattern or just end up solving it from pure luck lmao

  7. 18:49
    Me – green,green,green,green,green,green
    *presses red*
    Could have done this in only a minute instead of 13.

  8. 6:38 had me laughing sooooo hard Stacy genuinely questioning the state of mind of cupquake 😂😂

    Tiff: i like Simon says

    Stacy: …….. okay.

  9. I think the tasks should be completed when you're done with all the branches so it can be like extra episodes?? :))

  10. hi tiff i just came and i was having a bad day and you made it all better thank you very much

  11. i literally LOVE you guys SO Damn much. the past diversities were my CHILDHOOD and i remember the first episode coming out on d1, i screamed so loud cause you guys were my favorite youtubers at the time. still r <3

  12. I think those who are commenting about the colour up and down puzzle are kids, i am a kid and i also noticed it. But when u get older, u start to get forgetful so i can respect them acting like this

  13. For the coloured sand at 24min or something, they had it! If only she stepped on the green… I think

  14. patterns were different on my playthrough

  15. this is the most frustrating thing to waaatttchhh > <

  16. Tiff you and Slyfox should get together again and do a Minecraft adventure map or something

  17. lllooooooooooookkkkkkk uuuuuuupppppp plz u 2 r driving me crazy

  18. It's Black then purple then white the blue and orange is last

  19. It's so frustrating yet so funny to watch your block puzzles…

  20. Did anyone else get mad when you figured out the puzzles and they didn’t so you had to watch them struggle

  21. the entire time I'm like the Middle! the middle! the middle!

  22. it’s a PUZZLE STACY i didn’t make the rules


  24. Ahhh I love this series sm! ♥️😆

  25. Why didn't they try stepping on 2 blocks together? Like Tiff steps on 1 and Stacy steps on 1 at the same time.

  26. Tiff I was bored and I just clicked on diversity 3 and now I'm super happy I did it you always make me laugh your so funny and kind thanks for that tiff

    Also I'm making a channel but idk what to do so do you have any tips possibly?

  27. Uh for the puzzle the random blocks on the side on the island are the same colors as the objects me just realizing and put it in the same order to get into the puzzle one!

  28. Who else was chanting to themselves "step on the green one step on the green one" at 18:48 ?

  29. How many other people were like, "STEP ON PINK!"?

  30. I can still hear my 8 year old self freaking out about the fact that there is a 3rd season of this <3

  31. Coincidence they were teleporting to the puzzle and I got an add

  32. For the green puzzle, each block makes its ADJACENT blocks rise or fall

  33. Anybody else notice the two colored rooms they could have gone into were the tent colors they chose? Coincidence? I think NOT!

  34. Most of us thought that Dr Zombo was going to turn on them but they turned on him!

  35. i’m sorry but them doing puzzles piss me off

  36. I can’t believe this was a year ago it seemed it was around September

  37. 18:54 you could've solved this if you stood on the Lime Green Concrete Powder

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