The IMPOSSIBLE Platinum Trophy Quiz! -

The IMPOSSIBLE Platinum Trophy Quiz!

Nick AR
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The IMPOSSIBLE Platinum Trophy Quiz! In this video, I took a quiz to see if I could guess the names of games based on the name of their platinum trophies! This was super fun, if you guys enjoy it enough, we can definitely do more platinum trophy quizzes in the future!

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  1. I know the game the Perfectionist plat is for since i earned it a while back but i can’t remember the game itself off the top if my head but I KNOW the trophy sounds familiar and i earned a plat titled “Perfectionist”

  2. what was the name of the browser you used for this quiz looks fun to do with my friends ?

  3. Bro if this was me I would have gotten like five right LOL

  4. Man give me please your ps id, i want to add you to friends

  5. Could you platinum the Batman Arkham games?

  6. Day 1 of asking for platinum trophy of untitled goose game

  7. Maybe im getting the wrong person but I swear you were a 2k myteam YouTuber before

  8. It's Crash 3:Warped actually, not Crash Bandicoot 3:Warped

  9. damn he responding to everybody in the comments
    (love your content)

  10. I got a mw add when he was talking about it

  11. It's my friend pedro game when it says platinum trophy

  12. Minecraft platinum please it’s not actually hard

  13. To be honest, he’s friend is actually really annoying. He just seems kinda spiteful.


  15. Not sure if it changed but did you not do sekiro? Nioh? Nioh2? If not I'll subscribe if you plat 1 of those games. I'm a fan, good luck.

  16. When you can’t figure out by the names just go through the Memory of all the games you got the platinum on.

  17. What is the thing you used to make this quiz?

  18. Wow ! Impressive ! Also for Playstation All star Battle royale is the platinum still possible ? i found it while cleaning my room and yeah i was sondering if the online trophy are still on ?

  19. What’s the link to where you made that quiz?

  20. nick you should make a channel for vids not worth the main channel like the ones you do on stream

  21. What is your first platuim trophy

  22. Dude got the college dropout on the keyboard😂😂

  23. You should try to get the platinum for fnaf security breach or heavenly bodies and heavenly bodies is pretty hard specially the movement

  24. The Platinum trophies just called Platinum Trophy are just so disappointing tbh. I like these trophies more if they have a cool name.

  25. I got into platinuming games because of you I’ve been doing it for 3 months and I have 3 plats I need 1 more trophy for my first one it got glitched i have to repeat this 70 hour game all over again for it to unlock how do you keep your dedication

  26. Why would you not type it out yourself though? 😂

  27. When you recruit subs for multiplayer trophies, how do you do it?

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