The IMPOSSIBLE One Piece Quiz | Grand Line Review -

The IMPOSSIBLE One Piece Quiz | Grand Line Review

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  1. Wow Tekking and GLR both got 70/100

  2. You know i can make this completely up but the password for the fridge is 7326 ( na(na)(7),mi(3),ni(2),ro(ku)) so nami and niku or nico so sanji put their names as password or im just stupid idk. @grandlinereview

  3. The Dorry/Broggy fight one was EASY for me even though I didn't know the exact number because I did know the number was 70K something and only ONE of the numbers started with a 7 and that gave it away

  4. Who else Is here to see if tekking did better or worse ahahaha

  5. fun fact: 60% of the people who took this quiz got a higher percentage than any history test.

  6. Who designed this quiz, that PROPROFS site?, I thought that GLR did it..

  7. Is it weird that I haven't even started one piece but I got it all right?

  8. Is it a good idea do watch this channel on episode 86?

  9. I did this quiz before watching. I think I got like 4 or 5 questions right. And i only knew 2 of them

  10. This guy is a fake, have to unsubscribe now because he failed

  11. What if we are correct are we suppose to unsubscribe you

  12. I like how you guessed more right, meanwhile I actually remembered some of these and just didn't guess well on the ones I didn't remember or didn't know

  13. i knew konafa cuz its an arabic dish everyone knows and its disgusting in my opinion arab ppl dont come at me and alabasta is literally based of the middle east its literally called ARABasta

  14. ur vids are pretty epic but stop telling me to sub i already am

  15. I was hoping during that opening example of a "hard quiz" that GLR would've made the answers A) Shanks B) Usopp or C) Sonic

  16. That quiz would be really difficult for me as I don't even watch the anime before the Jaya arc so everything in the anime before that point I've only seen once when One Piece first aired on Toonami. Guess I should change that though just so I can watch with the voice actors that sound better to me. I hate that I remember Sanji's voice in the 4Kids version of the dub, I couldn't stand that voice – like a jock with a mouth full of peanut butter while trying to make sure every letter is pronounced. A lot of detailed numbers questions that many fans won't notice. I don't believe fans got most of those questions right without looking it up as they take the quiz too. Only a few would it seems. It doesn't seem to be about knowledge of One Piece more little things and there for some. I'm amazed I even got 40/100 lol.

  17. It may be different in the manga which I only started reading during the Wholecake Island Arc but I don't think the anime mentioned a lock on the crew's ship until Sanji asked Nami for one twice in two separate arcs before the conclusion of Enies Lobby. In short I'm pretty sure, unless the manga says differently, that the crew didn't have a lock on any fridge until they got the Thousand Sunny when Sanji exclaims loudly "It's got a fridge with a lock just like I always wanted! You're the best Franky!" more or less.

  18. Pretty sure Meshi is the name of the bar that Usopp takes the gang to when they first meet

  19. Hey isn't Brag Men the book that inspired Ace's first mate to write a book?

  20. konafa is actually is a real food in middle east

  21. Didnt robin put luffys hat on in whiskey peak when they met, over her own. Im pretty sure she did

  22. Meshi is the place where luffy eats in syrup village

  23. Ls and rs in japanese are interchangeable

  24. In some miniature game tournaments they have a wooden spoon award for the worst player. Sometimes this includes a box of figures from a different army.

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