The IMPOSSIBLE Ninjago Quiz... -

The IMPOSSIBLE Ninjago Quiz…

Generic Stud
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Today I took the hardest impossible Ninjago quiz test with answers to find which Ninjago character are you? Ninjago Kahoots are impossible and hilariously Funny in ninjago lego

0:00 Intro
0:20 Guess The Ninjago Character
3:03 Ninjago IQ test
3:50 The ULTIMATE Ninjago Quiz
5:10 Which Ninjago Character Am I?
6:20 Ninjago Kahoot
8:49 Outro
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  1. *Generic Stud sobbing loudly in the corner
    My imaginary friend: Hey why is Generic stud crying in the corner?
    Me: Well he took a Ninjago quiz to se which character he got
    My imaginary friend: Yea….
    Me: Well he got Lloyd
    My imaginary friend: oh
    *Generic Studs still crying in the corner loudly while screaming : I am not an annoying child and I am definitely not a clone Tommyinnit which talk about Lego instead of Minecraft.

  2. I swear I knew you would be Lloyd even before I saw the results, and it was just a hunch!!

  3. That sensei wu baby is like almost as attractive as dareth, almost

  4. Clouse Garmadon? lol is that who Lord Garmadon? real name lol

  5. 8:11 actually he did it to save everyone from Chen and his army. The anacondri helped them

  6. When he found out he was Lloyd he looked dun with life

  7. I'm unsubscribing to Generic Stud-I can't support a Lloyd

  8. 2:36 you're not gonna hate this one though,Adam wouldn't hurt you

  9. he's the Ninjago version of Tommyinnit

  10. It's prime dragon I watch ho his name is jay fight the prime dragon with his Jay's dragon the prime dragon meet his dad and the the prime empire rescue the ninjago Kai and Lloyd and nya and cole

  11. It's called Jay's cyber dragon vs empire dragon I meant to say empire sorry

  12. It was faith not Carl she from the not the newest series but the newish series

  13. A child's average IQ is like a hundred something I think lol

  14. For a Ninjago fan more into the theme than I am, I would expect you to know everyone on this list, like come on! I could do this in my sleep!

  15. This is ez cuz i watched all ninjago(except pilot) season 1 to 15

  16. No it not car and chan it’s the king of gecol

  17. Hardest question in ninjago

    Is Obama in this series? 🤣🤣

  18. that thumbnail is suhc a brain spinner its so hard lmao

  19. Itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout
    Down came generic and washed the spider out
    Out came Jay and took his venom
    And itsy bitsy spider is now dead

  20. Tommyinnit has a twin who is addicted to ninjago instead of minecraft

  21. Imagine seeing Adam right infront of you I would go to a coma for 50 years

  22. Actually 73 IQ is borderline or well below average

  23. YO HAHAHAHA!!! man I laughed so hard that my parents had to see if I were ok especially when you found out you were Lloyd HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

  24. trick question jay doesnt have a cush on nya they are engaged

  25. well jay and nya did the first fusion dragon in s6

  26. 7:25 season 6 didn’t happen remember because of the wish, and one of his wishes made him rich and making him rich made him adopted so yeahhh..

  27. Gotta love the random person in chat spamming the pan flag heart. Very poggers

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