The IMPOSSIBLE Ninjago Quiz... -

The IMPOSSIBLE Ninjago Quiz…

Generic Stud
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Today I took the hardest impossible Ninjago quiz test with answers to find which Ninjago character are you? Ninjago Kahoots are impossible and hilariously Funny in ninjago lego

0:00 Intro
0:20 Guess The Ninjago Character
3:03 Ninjago IQ test
3:50 The ULTIMATE Ninjago Quiz
5:10 Which Ninjago Character Am I?
6:20 Ninjago Kahoot
8:49 Outro
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  1. Gotta love the random person in chat spamming the pan flag heart. Very poggers

  2. Him: I hate spiders there is no reason for them to exist
    Me: … Look at your clothes and thank spiders for making them.. SPIDERS MAKE SLIK.. CLOTHES ARE SLIK

  3. Actually I better than you you know why because I have a IQ of 99 and I'm 14 🤣😝🖕

  4. I watched a show and he did not leave the kid

  5. People are right you are "':;:!?#£_&£#@

  6. U r the character you hate the most ;-;

    i was hoping ur dareth or smth

  7. Dude I’m still tried because I woke up early and I don’t want to sleep

  8. Did you know that Zane doesn’t have an age

  9. There’s 15 seasons of Ninjago Oh yeah and because why are you forgetting the pilot season in the first villain is literally skeletons and that’s how mad at you for forgetting the god of Lego first season

  10. This guy actually doesn’t know shit about ninjago.

  11. Interesting combination. First you say, Kai is not allowed to like his parents, and later that Jay is allowed to have a crush on his adoptive parents 🤣

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