The Impossible Nerf Blaster Quiz (Can you beat it?) -

The Impossible Nerf Blaster Quiz (Can you beat it?)

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Participate alongside thousands of players to see if you can beat our contestants in the Impossible Nerf Blaster Quiz! How well will you do with Nerf blaster trivia in this game show? Which loser gets the punishment? Rise to the challenge, play along and let’s go!

NOTE: This was filmed before quarantine.

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  1. "you brand your friends, its nerf or nothing"

    yo, if my homie shows up with a red hot branding iron were gonna have some problems

  2. “Hey guys! It’s me [nerf content creator], and in this video I’m going to be opening up a Nerf car package. So, let’s go!” …. “Ok, now let’s open up the bigger box first.” … “Ok, now let’s see. Wait, what’s this? It’s a… branding iron? What the-“ [demonitized]

  3. Me who is new to nerf: You son of a bitch I’m in

  4. Javier so so you’re aware, ‘the one’ took another title as the ultra 1

  5. Me who knew the right answer as it came up for the strong arm: … NO WAY

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