The Impossible Monster Movie Quiz! -

The Impossible Monster Movie Quiz!

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Godzilla VS Kong is thundering it’s way into cinemas and HBO Max pitting two of cinemas greatest monsters against each other. And in preparation of that we take the ultimate Monster Movie Quiz from across the 60 plus years of monster movies. Everything from The Things to It, Gremlins to The Meg. Play along with us but don’t do better than us it’ll make me feel bad.

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  1. Frankenstein was the real monster because he refused to show familial love to what was essentially his son.

  2. Why do I get the feeling that Maso is grinning maniacally all the time in the studio?

  3. The real monsters were the friends we made along the way

  4. we're just gonna gloss over "Manos: the hands of fate"?

  5. Attack the block is one of the best movies ever

  6. The real impossible monster quiz was the friends we made along the way.

  7. And Toby kabell played Kong in skull Island, andy serkis kills him in dawn of planet of apes they both play chimps

  8. Love the quiz content, even though you guys are only 98% SCORE LOSERS! From, Gary.

  9. Personally, my mom knows Vin Deisel from the xXx franchise

  10. Answered all by picture Im proud of wasting life like this

  11. I feel a little bad for Gary. He deserves this though.

  12. Whatever happened to James’ catch phrase about basgetti?

  13. I was going to call you out for calling Andy Sekis , "Andrew", but I googled it first and his name is Andrew. So I apologize for thinking you was wrong.

  14. I missed 2…but got the bonus point soooooo…I’m good…lol

  15. For some reason I expected the becker theme song to be at the end of this video.

  16. You should made the Quiz about how much of a scumbag Mr Scumbag Movies is. HA! Gott em

  17. I didn't know Krasinski wrote A Quiet Place. Was it an original story or based on a book?

  18. the real monster was the friends we made along the way

  19. I've seen the movie Nick was talking about it. I tried desperately to find it and couldn't find a thing on it. I thought I wasn't real either.

  20. Editor gave all the answers away w/ images so we cant play along =/.

  21. worst quiz ever all the answers were up there 🙁

  22. Damn the website couldn’t even put a picture of someone from the actual 1954 Gojira film💔 they used the American version

  23. Man that quiz was easy as hell, and I'm not exactly a movie buff or anything.

  24. "The bloody GOVERNMEEEEEENT!!!!" hahahahhaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Prefect

  25. Did he just accidently reveal there are multiple James Camerons?

  26. The real monster was the John Krasinskis we made along the way.

  27. MASON: James Cameron? But I thought you were eaten by piranhas!
    JAMES CAMERON: Sadly, yes. But I *lived*!

  28. Not to be a pedant but… 9:06 the QUESTION is wrong. He actually played Frankensteins Monster not Frankenstein who is the mad scientist.

  29. Would love to see a Tremors caravan of garbage!!

  30. I like how they took the time to shit on Godzilla 1998 real quick

  31. Pump up the jam pump it up while your feet are stomping.

  32. Jokes on you, I didn’t leave a comment

  33. Can you Please Do Code hunter/storm watch. 2002

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