THE IMPOSSIBLE MINECRAFT QUIZ (95% of players won’t pass) -

THE IMPOSSIBLE MINECRAFT QUIZ (95% of players won’t pass)

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  1. 18/20 cause i had 2 wrong cause that was in the past. The creeper one i got right though 🤣

  2. I hate how me, A POCKET EDITION PLAYER got more points than a 1 million subscriber YouTuber

  3. I got 12out of 20 I’ve been playing only a year

  4. I got all 20 prommesssssss plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

  5. I got 19/21 the one that really confused me was the server question

  6. At around 7:00 an igloo with a lab could also get rid of the effect

  7. Fun fact: chickens also spawn in the nether

  8. I got every question except one that involves actual Minecraft, not developer stuff. Correct. I am OG

  9. 20/21

    The YouTuber question is the one I got wrong. I wasn’t able to guess that guy’s opinion on the most OG Minecraft YouTuber correctly.

  10. Funfact: Netherrack was also referred to as Netherstone at one point.

  11. I found a pink sheep in survival once it was so cool

  12. i got 17 with the bonus and 16 without it tht was a lot of fun and i think i did amazing since i only started playing mc a yr ago

  13. I thought the rarest colour sheep would be either light blue or rainbow since the blue orchid is only found in swamps and you need to name a sheep jeb_ to get a rainbow sheep

  14. The one and how to creep a came to Minecraft is unknown to most people but it was actually because no drinks did not get the dimensions right on the pig on they were trying to get the pig into Minecraft

  15. 1thing a chicken can naturaly spawn in the nether(chicken jocky

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