The Impossible Lore Quiz (ft. TBSkyen) - League of Legends Lore Trivia -

The Impossible Lore Quiz (ft. TBSkyen) – League of Legends Lore Trivia

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We’re back with more mind-bending questions!
This time for TBSkyen:



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  1. so good to see a video with the two of you, you two are one of my favorites youtubers, can't wait for the second part !
    "no, and you don’t have friends anyway" the insult that only friends throw at each other 😉
    god damn the end of the video XD


  3. 2 of my favorites channels ib the entire Youtube… that is just perfect

  4. So how dumb am i that i didnt notice the Czech accent? Když jsi toho stejnýho národa tak to tě určitě nějak podpořim

  5. “I like rats” “…well that’s enough with that interaction.” LMAO I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING

  6. The 4th question should've been about Jhin

  7. I also got 7/10 I was wrong on different answers but over all still 710

  8. Didn’t know TB was danish. Jeg håber på at han ser denne commenter.

  9. I got 5/10 and 2 of those were guesses. I'm proud of myself

  10. Is it sad that I new the answer to every question without hesitation?

  11. Počkat..sním, či bdím .. miluji Vaši tvorbu a v životě by mne nenapadlo že budete Čech .. každé video je masterpiece .. doufám že se Vás nezastaví nic v tvorbě toho kontentu .. dokonce jsem chtěl zkusit dělat něco podobného v české verzi, protože tu nikdo takový pořádný není a on vlastně je .. a dokonce sám mistr osobně 😀 😀

  12. Hi!! Can i know where do they see the concept arts??? Im very interested pls reply 😀

  13. Necrit go all in an his is like guest … o god

  14. Ryze wasn't riding a Dormun, he was riding a Skallashi

  15. Really? People think you're russian? I thought you were french fo some reason…

  16. now that you mention it, wouldnt it be cool to have yasuo's father in league and make it kinda inspired in the great owl shinobi from sekiro?

  17. Wow you are from czech republic? I am from slovakia and i didnt even notice haha.

  18. Wait….
    Necrit is from the Czech Republic!!??
    Ty kráso…

  19. I almost died from laughter, when you show the picture of AZ kvíz 😂.

  20. What if Yasuo's dad is the same as Sett's dad? Just tie a bunch of champs together because one dude was busy.

  21. It's a lie. He's from Poland like everyone who play LoL.

  22. Yall most of the awnsers was D.
    Are ya sending us a message Necrit 0w0 xd

  23. The way Necrits hair was poking out of the hat just makes it look like he has terrific and scarily long brows

  24. Lol ur Czech I am totaly hooked on league lore I wish there were a animated lol series. Paradne videjka.

  25. Who knew TBSkyen can sing that great?

  26. Počkat….jak jako Čech? Já si říkala, že ten přízvuk je z úplně z úplně divného jazyka (což jako je xD), ale nenapadlo mě, že čeština. Jsem ráda, že alespoň nějaký český youtuber je schopný to dotáhnou na takovou světovou úroveň :3

  27. "Two mothers, one of which would be the father" xD xD oof that language barrier

  28. Lol i Thought d) dormun is an anagram for Dr Mundo

  29. Im from the Netherlands and 1 time an american said he thought that was a name of a fairytail and that only

  30. Necrit: "I know your pain".
    T B Skyen: "People don't know much about the geography of Europe, now do they?"
    Me: cries in austrian

  31. As a slavic person my languange is very similiar to russian i never even had a though necrit was russian

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