The Impossible Lore Quiz (ft. TBSkyen) - League of Legends Lore Trivia -

The Impossible Lore Quiz (ft. TBSkyen) – League of Legends Lore Trivia

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We’re back with more mind-bending questions!
This time for TBSkyen:



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  1. It would be nice to see Magikarpusedtofly here, or Darkkmane?

  2. may be the year 2021 but i managed 8/10 getting the tryndamere right, woohoo

  3. That Vlad question got easier when it was revealed Viego and Vlad are family.

  4. What that map did to kosovo this is part of the SERBIA

  5. Oh God, the fact that Yasuo's father is still alive somewhere scares me. Please don't put the whole wind shitter family into the game, 3x cancer is too much cancer

  6. Wait Necrit you're from the Czech republic?! V tom případě hezký kvíz.

  7. Question 1 I'm right
    Question 2 I'm right
    Question 3 I'm wrong
    Question 4 I'm wrong
    Question 5 I'm wrong
    Question 6 I'm wrong
    Question 7 I'm wrong
    Question 8 I'm right
    Question 9 I'm right
    Question 10 I'm wrong
    But I dont know any of these things

  8. Of course Tryndamere doesn't speak, all he does shout

  9. In the second Story thing "A smoldering Coal" this sentence appears: "“Heldred of Three Rivers,” a voice echoed in the darker corners of the hall. Tryndamere. “You have come a very long way. Why do you seek battle?”"
    Tryndamere does speak quite a few sentences in this story, theyre not much but theyre there.

  10. Wait… russia dont belong to the czech republic?

  11. Step 1. Visit your grandfathers resting place.
    Step 2. Something is up with the town
    Step 3. You get nightmares and get sleep deprived.

    The Fossbarrow incident

  12. Wen did the short story of Tryndamere come out? Because i was realy sure its Olaf on the final question because in this story Tryndamere definitivly talks to the warmother

  13. Question 7 is some bs. Pyke literally serves Nagakabouros.

  14. The singing there at the end 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

  15. The question is which champion is NOT using the birth name and it can't be xerath bc he never had a birth name his one and only name is Xerath

  16. Btw in question no.2 Trevale was the only city without W in it that was a major hint to me

  17. About the Vindor sand horses, is that supposed to be a nod to Darkin coming from Shurima?

  18. Ekko definitely don't have both of his parents according to Arcane 👀

  19. well shit I guess Ekko didn't grow up with both parents after all

  20. When you come across this two years later after Arcane comes out and Ekko loses his parents

  21. Necrit is like a historian for a fictional world.

  22. 1:11 Necrit does not have a russian/slovenian/slovakian accent

  23. Me from Czech Republic watching my favorite English youtuber: wait a second…

  24. I love this feeling, it´s almost christmas again and your vid reminded me. Much love from our home country so happy to see a czech creator being able to make it big


  26. Soo Akali being the child of a bisexual mum is possible canon?

  27. YOOOO????? We NEED a TBSkyen cover of Amumu's song

  28. Nobody say anything about the right answer line being DDAADBDDDD? 7 Ds?

  29. When you literally get 40% right cuz of Uneducated guesses.

  30. European geography be too much. North America is just 3 countries, ez

  31. Honestly I never would've guessed that you are Czech. I was never able to place your accent, but I would not have guessed Czech

    And also TBSkyen is Danish?! He sounds very American to me, but maybe I'm just stupid

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