The "IMPOSSIBLE" Hololive Quiz -

The “IMPOSSIBLE” Hololive Quiz

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Hololive Quiz made by Teronius:

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  1. Even Nagzz says "when the students overtakes the teacher" when he saw his results, or something among those lines.

  2. Never underestimate the power of a GOD! XD

  3. damn this quiz was really hard. I knew about Korone since 2019 but I didn't start really watching Hololive till 2020, gen 5ths debut.

  4. A better question than "Why is Bae's birthday on February 29" is "How is Bae's birthday on February 29?" She stated recently that she is "12 years old". That would make her birthday February 29, 2010, which doesn't actually exist.

  5. Wow that sooo big of False to get a 46/80 ON PURPOSE in order to LIFT up his fanbase! No other cold feeling bot would ever do that for his viewers! Downright commendable!

  6. Bonus knowledge: Pekora weighs "3 carrots" or 0.084 kg. So yes, super light bunny.

  7. Pekora "weighs" 3 carrots, and she pulls 3 carrots in the cart in Hololive Alternative. Are they the same carrots?

  8. Yup, the traitor was the first moderator of r/hololive

  9. Yo, thanks for taking my quiz. It's real fun seeing people take it and see their reactions to the questions.

  10. I knew the Korone hight question because she makes a reference to it in her first single.

  11. id be sure that nagzz knows slightly more than koe. while koe is a good guy himself, nagzz has been doing specific discoveries on one member at a time. he's been studying.

  12. i love how the chat was laughing at False for getting the Apple juice question wrong with such confidence, in all fairness Suisei also bamboozled Kiara when they practised

    i guess YAGOO is too sweet to even need to know martial arts

  13. To be fair, Nagzz has the discover series and his quirky mnemonic devices

  14. I'd love to see some of the holopro members take this quiz!

  15. Gotta ask, Who's Artia the first mod for the subreddit?

  16. The October Birthday question threw me off, because Kira and Aloe's birthdays are also in October, making it 7 if they are counted as well.

  17. the dude spamming those YAY & NAY emojis seriously was begging for a ban

  18. Huh, I remember all these questions from Tyler not Taylor's community post. Interesting.

  19. Imagine you call someone to fix some wiring and Matsuri shows up with a toolbox.

  20. If it helps, I only got a 38 on this quiz. Some of those questions were tricky, especially that "Suisei's favorite juice" one in particular.

  21. MATSURI IS A LISCENCED ELECTRICIAN??? OH HELL NO, Japan about to have a 1y power outage after matsuri tries to fix a toaster

  22. Damnnnnnn didn't know a quiz could be this hard

  23. This is a nice break of pace from the usual news content. Wouldn't mind seeing more.

    P.S.: Hoshimachis know that Suisei revealed her actual preference for OJ well before Kiara's interview.

  24. I got a 35. I dont know if that is a good thing.

  25. "I don't even know if Gura understands she's on the internet…"

    Oh, surely she knows by now, right?


  26. I highly doubt I would have so many correct answers as False did. The only things that give me a little confidence are orange juice and 8 sec. respawn sheep.

  27. Actually, it makes a lot of sense that Matsuri would be into maintenance. She doesn't shy away from subjects and almost embraces it which is something that tends to be fairly common with people who work in maintenance.

  28. The another one that has kindergarden lincense is Miko

  29. I know more information about Yagoo than information about Hololive. I think it's worth it

  30. False is officially better than koe and nagzz XD

  31. Hi! Would you consider spreading some awareness about what happened to a Chinese vtuber by the name of 柏凛Porin? They were human trafficked for half a year. More info on the case can be found on Reddit. Any and all support shown to her would probably mean the world.

  32. i kinda hate the last question.
    everyone who answered wrong: sadge
    everyone who answered right: sadge

  33. Still more accurate then the American mainstream media.

  34. That moment he founds out that no, it's in fact, Orange Juice.

  35. The kronii Url is from her birthday the fans made

  36. I pretty much did the same, but I knew the reddit question… Artia is really polarizing..

  37. Way to go News Man!
    46/80 is awesome!
    Loved watching you work through the quiz, and yes, you REALLY should watch the clip of Koe's face when he watches Nagzz beat his score live on stream!
    Someone made a clip of it with the meme from the Simpsons of "you can really tell the moment his heart breaks". (If you know, you know)

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