The Impossible Game Gameplay and Commentary -

The Impossible Game Gameplay and Commentary

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This is the greatest attempt at completing The Impossible Game of All Time


  1. Why is his voice deeper 8 years ago than it is today.

  2. The fact that hes playing on an xbox 360 is so weird

  3. Did Charlie go to reverse puberty or sm because he sounds like Corpse in this

  4. You did not commentate while your playing 🤣

  5. So is this where Geometry Dash was inspired?

  6. So geometry dash just took this idea and made a game of its own

  7. this is a proof that this game can copyright claim geometry dash

  8. The son of an ass, I’m talking sun and an ass thing had me in tears. Probably bc it’s 5am and I can’t sleep and nonsense is hilarious.

  9. Fact : FlukeDude, the person who help make The Impossible Game, save this video as his favourite.

  10. Gd players that beat 10 extreme demons piece of cake

  11. this is my first liked video on my liked videos playlist from 2013

  12. The Impossible game is a big ripoff of geometry dash lite

  13. Isn't this basically geometry dash?

    Edit: I see, so geometry dash was inspired by this game.

  14. Coming back to watching this lmao such nostalgia seeing how far you’ve come hell yeah dude

  15. THIS is the video that made me sub to you lmao damn bruh crazy, been around since feb 28, 2011.

    you were the FIRST person I ever subbed to. Cr1TiKaL the goat

  16. lol this was at a time where you had to put commentary in the title

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