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THE IMPOSSIBLE Fighting Game Music Quiz

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  1. I was cracking up when Crofts did his impression of Tekken 7 OSTs LMAO

  2. 16:24 The moment I heard that I had such nostalgia vibes! KOF 95 waterfall stage theme instantly! That game had such great music! It's where THE Arashi No Saxophone Theme originated from!

  3. is JM a musician? This man out here calling out time signatures

  4. I got less than 10 lol, I'm pretty proud I got Divekick right, and not proud that when I heard that janky mega-drive music chip I guessed "Ballz" and not "MK".

    Also I'm fairly sure the song they flagged as Smash Bros is the Smash 4 main theme, and the song they flagged as Soul Calibur 6 is actually from Soul Blade/Edge.

    This type of content makes good listen along (youtube playing phone in my pocket while I'm not looking at the screen) and would be much better future content if you made a few minor alterations:

    (1) Don't guess if you know the song in the first half second. Your audio is louder than the songs and it basically removes any possibility of us guessing for that turn. Try to curb your enthusiasm and wait to guess at the countdown.
    (2) Read out the game name, even if it's some crap you've never heard of. We'll never know if we guessed right if you don't read the name.

    Looking forward to listening to more of these if you do them.

  5. I actually played Eternal Fighter Zero it was a bit popular between anime fighting fans in the early 2000's, several of its characters were in popular Mugen versions. Japanese only game and a bit of a nightmare to get running in Windows ME.

  6. Bit misleading in some of these songs he doesn't give you the most recognizable parts. Like in some you only hear the intro

  7. Dengeki Bunko is actually a pretty sweet game. It has rollback now!

  8. I knew Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Battlefantasia. I’m so proud of myself. Can’t believe you didn’t recognize Hakumen’s theme JM. BBTAG is kind of obvious for anyone thats watched RWBY.

  9. Is this meltyblood? 100 times *No
    Is this guilty gear? *Is meltyblood

  10. man, jmcrofts should play some touhou scarlet weather rapsody, it´s pretty fun allthought not conventional

  11. i was actually working on a fighting game music quiz like this myself, so i'm happy to see that you're reacting to them, that just means there's demand for them!

  12. Someone tell me the name of the first P4A song

  13. I got like 6 of all of the songs right, too much anime

  14. That Tekken joke took me outtttt lmaooooo!!!

  15. Maaaan.. I want another Blazblue!
    Never tried cross tag.. it seemed too different and Platinum is locked behind DLC..
    C'mon Arksis, Blazblue next project after Strive!

  16. Dear lord the amount of trash anime games on here, yikes.

  17. I have an extensive knowledge of GG soundtracks. It hurt whenever you guessed GG, but I knew a lot less of the actual answers than you did. :c

  18. Fighting game music quiz could and absolutely should be a thing between different people. I can even think of two different ways to do it:
    -General FG music guessing the game, like this.
    -Specific franchise guessing the exact song, based on who's playing.

  19. Whiffing the RWBY theme on the BlazBlue one. Got em.

  20. I got the opposite of jm, all the anime ones and none of the others

  21. I think you guessed SF5 on alot of the Under Night songs because every Street Fighter youtuber uses those songs instead

  22. I like how much tekkens ost stands out, so distinctive

  23. I’m here guessing all of these and JM is guessing Guilty gear lmao

    The one you said about Under Night. Fake fan lmao. You played the game lmao. You missed every single one lmfao

  24. I was hoping for another unconventional pick of Lethal League or something — a different musical style with some bops lol

  25. I’m a huge DOA fan and it hurt my soul that you got the first song wrong 😂 but I love the video man it’s super fun

  26. i did good on the more niche ones, but went badly on the more famous… i don't even play half of these why the hell did i know? AND I PLAY OVER HALF OF THE ONES I DIDN'T GET WTF

  27. Your knowledge of music and time signatures is actually surprising and really impressive. What instrument/s did you play and study?

  28. I’ll just say,the girl on the right is distracting

  29. That dead or alive was a bait. I mean the series is right but that's her doa2 theme. She had something completely different in 4.

  30. I'm surprisingly good at listening to sound styles. I'm surprised he didn't catch the melty blood one.

    Also I have heard of scarlet weather Rhapsody

  31. I just got this recommended to me and was like"whoa that my partner's quiz". She has been making them for years. Thanks for shouting her out!

  32. A little smile formed on my face when the Nitroplus Blasterz menu theme came up, god I love that game.

  33. Only one street fighter game and using footage from the wrong MvC game for MvC2. shame, shame.

  34. Really fun, but too hard to guess Music from games you never heard of.
    We kinda need a Game Music Quiz Generator Website for infinite amount of this stuff.
    Having enough Options / categories to choose from you could make sure you have at least heard of the games.

    Personally I did worse than jmcrofts, but I am proud I had Battle Fantasia right and am ashamed I was not able to differentiate between BBTAG and regular Blazblue.

  35. hears song at 14:40 Orie-chan's song (Purity & Strictly)!
    hears song at 20:00 Saki-chan's song (That Heart, That Power)!

    If only The Quarter Guy were here…

  36. I'm actually looking for a fighting game theme called my reconnaissance or some s*** like that

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