The Impossible Fan Quiz Complete -

The Impossible Fan Quiz Complete

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Me completing the Impossible fan quiz

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Guide: Here Cheat u little cheater, : 1. “No, but the milkman does” 2. “Text…” 3. “No idea…” 4. “mmm…still no idea” 5. Hit the space bar. 6. “Grasshopper” 7. Move the 7. 8. “Pink Fluff” 9. “Ohio” 10. Click P-E-A-N-U-T 11. “Four” 12. “Doors” 13. “Build it” 14. “?” 15. Click the bottom dot in the colon after “sentence.” 16. “A football match! ” 17. “17” 18. Click the word “Tab.” 19. “A stair-case” 20. Hit the left arrow key, the right arrow key, then click on “cross!” 21. Solve the maze SUPER CHEAT: Right click then left click on the end button. 22. “Wassawho!” 23. Move the cursor off the screen. 24. Hit the up arrow key, the down arrow key, the left arrow key, and the right arrow key. 25. Click on the mitten. 26. Click on the circle on the question number. 27. Click on the earth. 28. Hit the up arrow key. 29. “28” 30. Waldo is in the bottom left corner. 31. Solve the maze SUPER CHEAT: Right click then left click on the green arrow. 32. “Antarctica” 33. Click on the “f” in “food.” 34. Click on the green collar (you will get a skip for that) and don’t move the mouse. A truck will run over the cat. 35. Click on the chocolate cake-looking thing (It’s pudding. If you hover the cursor over the PUB the b will turn into a .) 36. Move “skip” 37. Click the 37 in “Go to 37.” 38. Hit the “fight” button repeatedly. 39. “Bread coloured” 40. Click “answer.” 41. Click on B-A-A-B-A-A 42. Move the cursor over to the first magic wand. Right click (your cursor will show up again). Click on the second magic wand. Move the cursor to the switch. Click on it. 43. Click “no.” 44. Click the patty, the ketchup, the mustard, the lettuce, the top bun, and when the victory sound stops click on the lettuce again. 45. “Darn” 46. Drag all the stuff away until you get to the mouse. Click on it. 47. You must skip this question; Waldo is not in the picture. 48. Right click then left click on the cat. 49. Click on all the bottles of beer. 50. Hold down the space bar. Click on all the ducks (the duck in the bottom right corner you must click twice). Put on caps lock. Type in “Kitty” then “Mouse”. Turn off caps lock. Click on the red button. The green one. The blue one. The yellow one. Click on the red one three times. Click on the yellow one. Click on the blue one. Move the fish. Type in 28. Then type in “the alphabet twice”. Taadaaa .Yay u won!


  1. Complete the sentence:
    'The dog is sad.'
    A. It does look like babies
    B. Find your truthful concern
    C. Cry dog
    D. The coffee maker doesn't!

  2. 😂 + 🧭
    A. Laughing clock
    B. 7
    C. Canadian clock
    D. Time silly

  3. What is this? 🎉
    A. Party clark
    B. Stairs
    C. Bruh….
    D. Movie inc

  4. Help the man cross the street.
    🚶‍➡️. 🚦 🚓🚗🛵

  5. Knock knock!
    Who's there?
    Benedict who?
    A. There's the plumber!
    B. Hmmm….
    C. Bene-DITCH
    D. Who likes beneditch?

  6. 47 there is Waldo you need to drag the dot from the ? and Waldo is there

  7. Note: I will type this here.
    5. if you click the green star you get your first skip.

  8. On 5. Click on the green star for a skip, 47. Drag the question circle then click on Waldo 50. End, click blue

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