The Impossible Christmas Quiz! -

The Impossible Christmas Quiz!

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The Impossible Quiz is back with the Impossible Quizmas! Can you guess all the answers?

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  1. Here are a few easy steps to lose your sanity!
    Step 1: Play any impossible quiz game ever
    Step 2: repeat step one until you are an angry ball on the floor that cant think rationaly anymore

  2. If that was in 2017 it would be the eight year anniversary of the game….?

  3. This was posted exactly 11 months ago from to today. Dat’s cool

  4. Jack on the raindeer one click Rudolph on the left side of the screen

  5. did anyone notice that Sean called the ripped off cat tail a snake with no head?

  6. Is there a single Good Eats fan that started laughing when Jack said Giblets???
    Yes? No?


  7. I already put 2 comments about this being my first video I liked…. WHY AM I STILL COMIN BACK

  8. 0.45 you might still be drunk because that was the easiest game

  9. That that didn't go so well that that one wasn't good

  10. I don’t get the “it’s venison” joke! Is it a pun? Is there no joke? Is deer meat just inherently funny?

  11. jack. last time you played the impossible quiz you rage quit. last time you played the easiest game you got drunk and thought it was the impossible quiz. you always had 3 lives.

  12. Prepare for take off level
    Me: Aren't you going to push his nose?

  13. And the said curiosity killed the cat 😂

  14. Jack: “its very loud on my ears”
    -Said everyone who watches jacksepticeye

  15. He should make a video about draw my life

  16. Are we sure Jack was sober this time?😂😂😂

  17. Me watching 2020 shouting 'stop moving the mouse ye green ijit!'

  18. This was made in the same year as Minecraft 2009

  19. Almost impossible to tell how hard of a time jacks going through here. Check his answering personal questions videos to see.

  20. The pirate one was sooooo obvious you even said x marks the spot! Lol

  21. “Shove it, twist it, bop it” 😂😂😂😂

  22. You earned 1 of 3 impossible quiz books to subscribe

  23. This lad has the best memory I've ever witnessed

    I can't even remember what I did last night

  24. It sucks that flash is going away so this game series(?) will too.

  25. Years after watching this (and Mark's) video, I still have no earthly clue what the answer to the duck question is…

  26. at 0:32 thats the wrong game u showed because it doesn't have skips the other impossible quiz had skips ?

  27. Still has not play the impossible quiz book 2 and 3 btw

  28. 5:35 Sees "I'm Bored" option
    Me: thinks of LazarBeam

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