The HARDEST WOULD YOU RATHER Questions On Earth! -


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Welcome BACK to the classic Would You Rather game with robertidk! These funny would you rather questions are impossible and the hardest would you rather questions on earth! Enjoy the video and let me know if you want this series to keep going! 😀

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  1. 5:46 but your touching the keyboard and the mouse… not the computer

  2. I’d just do the 2 family members, cuz there’s probably some peeps that you don’t know ur related to

  3. They never said when they’d die so it might be when they’re like 100 so I’ll do that

  4. If you shut your hand in a waffle iron it doesn't have to be on

  5. I'm so glad that this series is back! Let's goooooooo! ♥️💙

  6. 3:40 if I'm the protagonist in the anime no way am I doing it. Why? Fan service will kill me before anything else has the chance. It can also depend on the kind of anime. Or is anime of my own making or is it some different anime that's already been made?

  7. I love how if he never touched a computer again he would not be doing youtube anymore

  8. 4:04
    Robert: “so Disney would probably have a lot more good times”
    Marcy who got stabbed and possessed and the other stuff that I don’t want to explain:

  9. It said anything other than alcohol which includes water robert

  10. I would go without computers becase of my cat

  11. Whoever said that the waffle iron was plugged in

  12. With the smell poop one, If you always smell poop you would have to taste poop as well.

  13. you know you put a naked lady in the painting question

  14. "Would you rather slap your mom or cut off your own tongue"

    High fives mom

  15. Well I guess I’m smarter then you

  16. Reminds me of DanTDM. Keep making good videos like this

  17. Me eating 2 sticks of flavored chap stick when i was 6 😂

  18. bro i alergic to bees so i could die 🙂

  19. as someone who has ate a quarter i can say that its fine the biggest thing that happend was i got a x ray

  20. The eat chapstick or a quarter, when I was little my mom got me a ball of chapstick and that night I hid it under my pillow and ate it. I don’t think it did anything to me… unless eating chapstick gives ADHD then we’re good 👍

  21. Only smell like poop or only smell poop
    Me who can't smell: and I took that personally

  22. The waffle maker didn't have to be on it didn't say it did

  23. 9:55
    I like how he didn't realized "anything other than alcohol" includes water

  24. Am I mean because I love your videos but I would save 10,000 strangers too

  25. Well it’s because sometimes we keep secrets like if your girls like the time I busted my leg and that was the second time I busted my leg when I was in the hospital Plus I didn’t even tell my mom that I busted my leg The first time she just found that out Plus I never told her a lot of my other secrets like why I always got wet mostly just to jump on the trampoline or why I was always embarrassed about climbing trees and why I always had so many scratches on my arm well ones that healed ones that are permanent those are cool well some of them or why I never told her I was almost dead because I got attacked by the candy shark Plus I never even tell her a lot of my other secrets like the ones in my dream of why I was always afraid of nun and why I always had nightmares about mostly dying to

  26. Plus in some of these are should be both like that one I will choose both

  27. But yeah you can’t predict the future a lot of the times like that one time I thought I could predict the future but it was almost too scary for me to mention on YouTube and just in case anyone else is reading my comment it was way too scary it was almost like being in a five nights at Freddy’s horror game like that and then like you could also see ghost

  28. Plus some of these is like if you want to or not and like would you rather share your secrets war would you rather share someone else is secrets Plus we have to keep some things to ourselves like how we get her hair so smooth sometimes or like whatever we watch well somethings or like if we’re better cook than you or something like that like how one of us likes the opposite think but that’s sometimes what makes us so different and like compatible and stuff like that Not just like compassion and that other fancy word that I can’t say it only because it’s been so long Plus it’s another c Word

  29. You mean you rather be swimming with like David Jones locker it’s a figure of speech though plus I would totally like to be both see this is why I could be both and this is why we should have like both that says would you rather be a pirate or ninja or both

  30. Some of those paintings are supposed to be from like the movie cat in Paris and some of them are supposed to be like One of those paintings where are you say off to Paris or some like that so I would totally be painted by van Gogh like if I had a choice or both like I could be like half-and-half

  31. It’s because in that movie called Sarah James The Mona Lisa was like not smiling so she was kind of sad a little bit because no one would ever visit her so that’s why I totally would want to go see her at the museum and that’s why someone actually took their phone and took a picture of her just to put on the Internet and now that’s why we have her everywhere almost 😅😅 but that’s OK cause I bet she’s happy now

  32. See I had both to even though Xander was my other best friend that’s why I only have one best friend now HANNAH I am kind of sad a little bit but it’s mostly because of my other friends that I lost mostly because of high school that’s why HANNAH is my only best friend now

  33. Yeah but who has a h in the middle so technically you would still say a lot of words with H like hey and there and stuff like that you just have to be careful I don’t think I could do it that much mostly because it would be hard

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