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Tekking Vs. The Impossible One Piece Quiz!! | Tekking101

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Tekking Vs. Impossible One Piece Quiz



  1. Bro chapter 1019..
    Yamato's devil fruit..
    Waiting for your review.

  2. Honestly, half of these were literally just "do you have perfect recall and can look at this panel again" which was pretty bullshit. The other half were pretty good.

  3. When Luffy enters Afro Luffy Mode he gives the Strawhat to Trainer Usopp

  4. That sunny fridge lock code I just got it correct because the numbers in japanese sounded like a pun with 'sunny' lmao

  5. 65/100 with getting lucky on a few guesses lol

  6. I just thought About something god usoop life begin a god is true because luffy is a sun god

  7. Robin wore Luffy's hat when she first came on their ship

  8. I absolutely love that you read ads in a fun overexagerated manner like i do

  9. Day 1 asking Tekking to bring back code red story

  10. I studied about ann bonny, and dear god she is too much like ace and jewelry bonney! There are stories of how ann bonny was raised made to dress like a man, which oda would definitely use that. And to support my theory ace would've been named ann if he were born a girl, jewlry bonney only said she would never forgive blackbeard in a way that seemed like she lost someone important to her. I get the whitebeard theory, but it would fit thematically well if she was pissed that ace died. And ace might not be based on ann bonny, but instead her lesbian lover mary read, who was also raised to dress like a man. And she also knew black bart, the pirate who kuma was based off of, and whose death ushered in the end of piracy on earth.

  11. the fridge lock could be deducted because Sanji is the one who choose the combination and 7326 means
    so Nami and Nico Robin, but yeah you must know some basic Japanese numbers to guess that

  12. I just had a realization, what if Luffy's Gomu Gomu no mi is so special is because an awakened user can turn other people into rubber men
    therefore it could be a devil fruit can essentially used to make a rubber man army

  13. Spoiler warning if you have not read chapter 1013 or 1014 of one piece.

    am i the only one who thought huh i wonder how luffy is going to get back to onigashima after he fell. then remembered he can fly.

  14. The math hung me up. 365 * 100 is 36500 ((just add 2 0s at the end…)) As someone who teaches, that broke me…
    Also 25 isn't even, its odd.

  15. Black Beard could be pluton. His crew are all from the underworld (impel down).

  16. Day 15 of trying to help some guy get tekking to talk about the emerald city "I love your channel now do it"

  17. Willie, Jou and Louis. 3 character I've never even heard of and they keep reappearing during this quiz. This would probably be impossible for me, unless I get really lucky. I don't think that I'd score better than 30 % by actual knowledge.

  18. the sad thing is i remember when usopp wore the hat it was in the davy backfight arc when he bevame afro luffy usopp took his hat

  19. Haha we got tripped up by most of the same questions.

  20. I only got 43, clearly i am not a true fan. 70 is insane, congrats!

  21. Ussop wore the hat when luffy was afro luffy fighting foxy. Robin also wore the hat though.

  22. Well if that was from a uk university that would be a first class degree haha so ain’t too bad

  23. Pff casuals after watching the video I went and took the test and got a perfect score

  24. in chapter 427 i thinq there was 40 clouds but good chis it is the chapter that Luffy beat pigeonman

    i whent back and checked

  25. I got 48 with just some complicated process of elimination
    and I totally agree some of the questions are pretty weird for a 'one piece' quiz I personally found the numbers questions mostly just utter difficulty.
    and I get it. it's easy to make a hard quiz, but it's hard to make a hard quiz good.

  26. bro what if the orbit was the remake of the titanic

  27. I just started the video, but because I watched GLR's video, I know the questions, and when he said " I am not particularly great with quotes" I laughed out loud at what is to come.

  28. 11:43 The chapter Tekking randomly used is actually the chapter where Luffy defeats Rob Lucci at Enies Lobby

  29. I was having a bad day and your videos really help out

  30. The stone question needs to be thrown out. If you go to chapter 98 page 14 you see smoker playing with 8 stones. This question didn't even have the correct answer a available

  31. Can’t wait for you to make ur own impossible quiz

  32. So incredibly difficult it’s all obscure pre time skip info, mostly skypia trivia 😂. We’ll done sir

  33. I wish I was caught up with one piece so I can see all of that content

  34. Quote from One Piece Wiki:
    "Willie Gallon (ウィリー゠ガロン Wirī Garon?, VIZ Media: Willy Karen) is a physicist. Little is known about Willie Gallon. It is known that he believes that everything that can be imagined can become reality. He is quoted by the narrator when the Straw Hat Pirates encountered a huge ship falling from the sky after they left from Arabasta saying "Anything that man can imagine is a possibility in reality". He is not mentioned in the anime."

    Dude was literally mentioned once, and only in the manga. A super easy question, yeah?

  35. Didn’t Robin also wear the hat when she was still Ms All Sunday on their boat

  36. Am i wrong or did Robin wear the Strawhat too when she came on the ship i think the first time she just took it from luffy and put it over her own. Didnt she?

  37. Tekking I got 70 out of a 100 in the one piece quiz

  38. Ussopp wears luffys hat in the fight against foxy

  39. In universities in the UK 70/100 gets you the highest grade classification (a first class) the US is savage

  40. Usopp wore the strawhat in the foxy arc when luffy was wearing the afro

  41. 9:50 actually usopp wearing luffys hat during the final fight between luffy and oyabin… remember luffy afro.. its easy question…

  42. He knows only willie Nelson because he tokes on that willie reserves

  43. Questions were mad vague about stuff that didn't matter

  44. I just checked the manga, and Smoker is in fact playing with 8 stones, not 7!

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