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Teen Wolf Movie Cast vs. ‘The Most Impossible Teen Wolf Quiz’ | PopBuzz Meets

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Scott McCall is officially back, baby! 🐺

To celebrate the release of Teen Wolf: The Movie, we got Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed and Tyler Hoechlin to take on Holland Roden and Shelley Hennig in ‘The Most Impossible Teen Wolf Quiz’ ✨ From an expert level trivia round to a name that werewolf picture round, this quiz is for real fans only… Can you beat the cast? 👀 #TeenWolf #TeenWolfMovie

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  1. Watching this for the 12th time…
    It's never not funny

  2. There’s 13 Alphas. Y’all completely forgot about Douglass. He was half lion and half ALPHA werewolf. This was stated by Theo when they were going over his history.

  3. 12 Alphas:Ennis,Kali,Derek,Scott,Talia,Laura,Aiden,Ethan,Mrs.Finch,Deucalion,Peter,Satomi

  4. I was screaming douglas and he’s not even on there but he is an alpha ghost rider 😂

  5. "that's my mom" – tyler guessing the 2nd wolf

  6. They forgot about the German Alpha in season 6A. The one the Dread Doctors we're keeping.

  7. This quiz demonstrates that women think too much!😅
    Holland Roden and Shelley Hennig lost their time to think about "twins are half Alpha" and similar…
    Our brain works too much!

  8. Alison..botox is making her look older.. i was soo shock by the deform lips

  9. A cristal não precisava ter feito plástica,ela era linda,agora tá parecendo outra pessoa!!

  10. спасибо ютуб что дал мне возможность понимать вас, а особено Тайлера Хэклина, я люблю его. ❤thank you youtube for giving me the opportunity to understand you, and especially Tyler Hacklin, I love him. ❤

  11. who agrees withn me that teen wolf shoud go onn foreever

  12. There are two kinds of actors

    1) oh! That was name's character for sure!
    2) I know! My mum!

  13. Is there going to be a teen wolf the movie 2😊

  14. wasn´t the german naci, who went away with the ghost hunters in the end, also an alpha?

  15. This was so fun! And i love you crystal reed!

  16. No se inglés 😢 pero me encanta la serie y la pelicula

  17. Tyler is the true fan of Teen Wolf😂😂😂

  18. how bout the alpha in season 6A the one that took the ghost rider’s whip

  19. i thought the ww2 guy was also an alpha- the guy who powered the dread doctors

  20. Можно ссылку на полное видео на русском

  21. It’s wild how old everyone got old😭

  22. What about Douglas When they had to name 12 Alphas

  23. The video has ended for a full minute and I'm still dying omg this was so funny

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