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Taking the Internet’s Hardest Quiz

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Today the @Regulars @Nicovald @BiffleWiffle @Henwy @sigils take on the ultimate internet smarts battle with the Impossible Quiz Challenge!

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❗About the Regulars❗
The Regulars are a group of four YouTuber friends named: Biffle, Henwy, Nicovald, and Sigils. On this channel they will be doing a lot of: lifestyle, reactions, vlogs, and challenges!

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Taking the Internet’s Hardest Quiz


  1. well i have goton to quiston 106 and there 110 quistoins in the game

  2. I didn't know Leonardo DiCaprio played these games!

  3. the flashbacks are coming to me….. the horror of playing that game for days……………… (btw I got to 85)

  4. Biffle on the 1st question most the game 😂

  5. Ive got to question 42. Have any of you beaten that?

  6. I speedran the quiz in 5 min (knowing the answers from before playthroughs)

  7. a cheat to question 5 is that if u have a touchscreen computer then u can just click "next question" with your finger

  8. The don't touch blue was easy as I am on mobile

  9. In question 12 the smallest circle is actually next to the number 12

  10. 2:25 I think everyone that takes this quiz gets the first question right for the wrong reason count all the holes in “A polo” count all of them

  11. This comment can't get over 1000 likes and replied

  12. Its impossible to complete impossible quiz without all the skips cuz level 110 the final level also the final level of the top 10 yiu need to use all your skips to open the door
    It looks like this

    Use your skips


  13. Bruh all of theys guys sre stupid bicus ssundee did a lot better

  14. I answered 92 question ,s on the impossible quiz

  15. i got to 50 until i was stumped ( like from 1 to 30ish I had no lives watsed )

  16. There should actualy be a tie between Sigils and Biffle since Biffle was first out and then Sigils in the first round and in the second round Sigils was the first one out

  17. i played one time before you guys and i made it question 53

  18. Sigils should win cause even if u don't count the chef one nico cheated

  19. @Regulars what happened to Henwry? Anyone one?

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