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Sweetiebelle Plays The Impossible Quiz 2

CutieMark Crusaders
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hey everyone! its sweetiebelle here! Sorry for my bad editing, I just got new to the program.. this video is really short because i was really bored while playing, so i cut it early. i promise i’ll try to make longer videos. bye!

Scootaloo’s version:


  1. Well that's why is called the impossible

  2. What app did you use to record the screen?

  3. It does make sense because armies like arms up his sleevies.

  4. It's American because it sounds like a merry can.

  5. It's how many letters in this SENTENCE.

  6. When you first guessed "it pecks your face off," IT'S NOT! You have to pick up the words, "a penguin."

  7. I know all of them because I've been completed all of the questions.

  8. Hi Sweetie! BTW, has Rarity made you a new dress?

    PS. It's a pity Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon went off the radar (as in…demoted to background characters). You could have had more screen time with them after you and the other Crusaders got your cutie marks. At least Chantal Strand got to do a flashback episode (that one where Applejack fibbed a lot) as Spoiled Milk.

  9. Oh you're so cute! And to those people who are watching, I have a warning.(press read more)

    This game is full of rage…..why? You thought I had a crush on sweetie bell? Nah! I have a crush on twilight- I MEAN!…..let us not talk about this again.

  10. Ijustr wonder how the lord of chaos(Discord) will get playing the imposible quiz

  11. Faker you just use pictures and she doesn't even sound like Sweetie Belle so stop faking your crushing kids dream

  12. Is Apple bloom is goimg to play a impossible quiet?

  13. Why the heckity heck is the last video made for kids? Even tho there is SO MUCH violence and gore


  15. You kids are smart than me at this game. .-.

  16. Sweetie belles my little pony videos unicorn says:

    i like your videos

  17. Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  18. You’re so adorable Sweetie Belle; you know that?

  19. hey! sweetie belle play the weird pony games trust me it is so fun

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